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ELC 2010 to Year 12 2023: an extraordinary journey

26 Oct 2023

Recently our 2023 Year 12s who started their Concordia journey in our Early Learning Centre at St John's Campus in 2009/10 had the opportunity to visit their former learning environment, meet the teachers and interact with some current ELC students. They even got to reminisce with some old photos pulled from the archives bringing back many memories. This was a wonderful full-circle reminder of their many years of learning and fun at Concordia College and we hope some new memories were created too!

Congratulations to the following Year 12 students who commenced with us in 2009/10 at our St John's Campus ELC:

  • Ethan 12JLEY
  • Monika 12CFIL
  • Jasmine 12JLEY
  • Lucy 12CFIN
  • Leah 12CFIN
  • Sophie 12HROS
  • Olivia 12HROS
  • Jacob 12TMCC
  • Ruby 12HROS
  • James 12JLEY
  • Oliver 12TMCC
  • Zac 12HROS
  • Lillian 12TMCC
  • Alexander 12CFIN
  • Noah 12KNIC
  • Benjamin 12CFIL
  • Asmitha 12HROS
  • Oliver 12CFIL
  • Samuel 12JLEY
  • Zoe 12CFIN