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Film Studies at the University of Oxford

26 Oct 2023

Some reflections from Macy in Year 11. Speak with Mrs Rieger if you would like to learn more about opportunities for enrichment and extension like this one.

Tell us about your experience?

I completed the Film Studies course offered at Brasenose College a constituent college of the University of Oxford, in July this year. I wrote an essay to apply for the opportunity and was granted a part-scholarship to attend.

What 3 words would you use to describe the experience overall?

Engaging. Insightful. Life-changing.

Tell us about what an average day involved?

An average day in Oxford was pretty jam-packed. Some of the group would get up early to go on a stroll and get coffee together or go on a morning run before breakfast. After the all-you-can-eat breakfast we would have every day, we would check in as a group (that is the four classes on offer at Brasenose: Medicine, Law, Engineering, and Film Studies) and then head off to our two-hour morning class. These classes would vary, from theoretical work like scene analysis and screenwriting to practical work like shooting off-campus. We would then have a two-hour break for lunch where groups would split off and find venues all around Oxford to eat. Our afternoon class ran for two hours and then we would have another check in as a group before heading off for an afternoon physical activity. For this, we had a British Sports Day, punting along a river, tours of Oxford and the campus, scavenger hunts and more! After the physical activity, we would have dinner (which never failed to impress) and then an evening activity. These were my favourite. I remember one night we did a murder mystery where we were encouraged to completely embody our character. It was a blast!

How has this experience changed you?

Honestly… it turned out to be the best experience of my life. I met so many amazing people and learnt all about their cultures, making lifelong friends with people from Indonesia, America, Palestine, Nigeria, Botswana, Lebanon, and so many more places! I have a new sense of clarity for what I want to achieve in life and feel that I am more comfortable in myself as a result of being so independent throughout the course.

What are you currently considering doing after you complete Year 12?

In completing this course, I was encouraged by my tutor and mentors to apply to study abroad. I am considering, after Year 12, completing an undergraduate course in either Music Composition or Film in Adelaide before venturing once again overseas for potential postgraduate courses. Meeting the people I did and learning about them and their cultures also inspired me to think about studying Cultural Anthropology and applying for exchange programs wherever I can. Whatever I end up doing though, I aim to get straight back on a plane at my first opportunity!