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College Instructional Model

As the academic year moves through its second semester, Concordia College has continued implementing its innovative Instructional Model. This dynamic approach has been specifically tailored, aiming to enrich the educational experiences of every learner across our three campuses.

At St Peters and St John's campuses, a thoughtful emphasis has been placed on inclusivity, ensuring every student feels valued and supported in their learning journey. Our Concordia Campus (Middle and Senior School) has been immersed in fine-tuning learning intentions, success criteria and consolidating classroom structures and routines. All these concerted efforts merge into a nurturing environment where our students are set up for academic success and personal growth.

Moving forward, to end the year with a foundation of effective pedagogical practices, we will usher in several key enhancements. These include the rollout of comprehensive Professional Learning resources, such as an Instructional Model Playbook, thoughtfully designed to empower our teachers in implementing the Instructional Model with consistency and efficacy. Expect to see synchronised changes in educational policies and procedures, all aligned with our new Instructional Model.

Looking beyond, our vision for 2024 is already taking shape. A myriad of enriched learning experiences await our students. Specialist teachers will move across campuses, weaving a tapestry of Music, STEM and Drama/Dance across our primary campuses. The integration extends further, facilitating collaborations between St Peters and St John's campus teachers and students, fostering a harmonious and enriched learning environment where creativity and innovation flourish.

Middle School Curriculum Review Progress

This semester, we have worked hard at reviewing our Middle School curriculum, diving into survey results and having meaningful conversations with students and teachers in focus groups.

  • Listening to Our Students: We included Year 7-12 students in these discussions. We needed to hear directly from them, understanding their experiences and gathering their thoughts and ideas.
  • Getting Ready for What's Next: Based on these conversations, we've collected some helpful information. This data is now helping us to shape the next steps in our curriculum, making sure it is the best it can be for our students.
  • Stay Tuned: We will be sharing a summary of what we have found and our vision for the future of Middle School learning. Expect to hear more about this in Term 1, 2024.
  • Looking Forward: We will be making decisions about the changes to the curriculum in the new year. Our goal is to have any new updates in place by the start of 2025.

We value your support and commitment as we work towards making our Middle School curriculum a dynamic learning experience for our students.

Year 12 Culminating Events

Our cherished Year 12 Class of 2023 embarks on a series of memorable culminating events this term. The journey commenced with a spiritually uplifting Year 12 Chapel Service, marked by a significant presence of parents, reflecting a community in heartfelt communion. The pathway ahead is adorned with significant milestones such as the Final Year 12 Assembly and an elegant Valedictory Dinner. Each event is thoughtfully planned to celebrate and honour the remarkable journey of our Year 12 students at the College.

As we pause to reflect and celebrate this time of year, our heartfelt commitment at Concordia College remains to genuinely honour each student's achievements and provide an inclusive, forward-thinking education grounded in Christian love.

Paul Weinert
Head of College