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From the Principals

Celebrating Learning and Creativity

Students at Concordia, across all three campuses ELC-12, are involved in many engaging, relevant, challenging and significant learning experiences throughout the school year. Our commitment to ensuring that our curriculum meets these criteria continues to be a strong and ongoing focus. It is important that we also support and encourage students in their learning and acknowledge their progress and growth along the way - a valuable and important part of the learning journey.

Towards the end of each school year, we celebrate milestones in this journey through a number of more formal events that seek to acknowledge students and their learning and provide important encouragement. During these specific celebration events, our students also have the opportunity to share their learning with their parents, caregivers, other students and teachers.

In our primary schools, an example of one of these milestone celebrations is the Year 6 PYP Exhibition. The Exhibition is the culmination of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) and showcases the learning of our students throughout the primary years. It is a wonderful celebration of the skills, knowledge, attitudes, conceptual understanding and action they have developed on their primary school journey.

Term 4 is more than just the final stretch of the school year in the Middle and Senior School; it's an exciting opportunity to celebrate student learning and recognise the incredible achievements of our students. Among the events we have that highlight the learning accomplishments of our students is Launchpad. This is an event that takes place in Week 5 and is a platform whereby students can showcase their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. It's a culmination of hard work and innovation where students are encouraged to present their projects and learning artefacts that have taken shape throughout the year.

Events such as these underscore the idea that learning is not limited to textbooks, but instead extends into the realms of innovation and creative expression. As we enter this exciting phase of the school year, let us celebrate our students' academic successes and their creative endeavours.

Bronwyn Wilson
Principal - St Peters Campus

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

Dennis Mulherin
Principal - Concordia Campus