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St John’s Campus Year 6 Exhibition Update

Term 4 sees the St John’s Campus Year 6 students participate in the PYP Exhibition, an inspiring showcase of learning where students use all the skills they have developed throughout their Primary School learning journey.

This year, the focus for the St John’s Campus Year 6 Exhibition is on action and how students can take action to make a difference in the world. They began their term and their Exhibition journey with an Action Week. This week was full of excursions and guest speakers who all helped to educate and inspire students with the different ways people can take action to make a difference in the world, including:

  • Visiting the South Australian Art Gallery to see how art can be used as a call to action
  • exploring the MOD Museum where they saw informative exhibits designed to inform and challenge our thinking
  • hearing from candidates for state elections who shared about creating a message and sharing it through a political election campaign
  • meeting a public relations account director who shared with students about creating PR campaigns and sharing a message effectively
  • listening to people who have made a change in their own lifestyle to help make the world a better place
  • meeting employees at a football club and hearing about their community initiatives
  • taking action personally by helping keep some public parks clean and free of litter.

Having developed an understanding of some of the ways they can make a difference in the world, students have now selected the type of action they feel will be most effective in their personal area of interest and are beginning to learn about this action type. Some examples include students who are planning:

  • a beach clean up to combat marine pollution
  • a sporting program to increase female participation in AFL
  • designs for apps and websites for everything from identifying sustainable clothing brands to filtering negative messages on social media.

Their next steps will be to develop a plan for the action they are going to take, including developing campaign proposals, risk assessments and communication plans.

Students are very excited to be getting involved in making a positive change.

We look forward to sharing the difference our Year 6 students are making later this term.

Graham Buxton
Primary School Learning Mentor and Year 6 Teacher