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Year 9 STEM Enrichment Conference

9 Nov 2023

A group of year 9 girls attended the STEM Enrichment conference at Flinders University on Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 October. The girls heard from role models at various stages of their careers in medical fields, physics, applied chemistry and forensic science. Some of the hands-on sessions had a focus on sustainable ‘green chemistry’ such as making soap and plastic bottles from seaweed. Other sessions had fascinating demonstrations of gravity, AI use in facial recognition and electroplating their own keyrings. They enjoyed networking with scientists and met many old and new friends from other South Australian schools. The experience is invaluable in raising aspirations and breaking down barriers for girls considering STEM pathways.

“I thoroughly enjoyed getting a bit of insight into what my future studying science could look like by touring around Flinders University campus and participating in multiple experiment practicals as well as lectures from other women in STEM. I learned a lot about the opportunities and pathways I could go down after high school and became aware of a variety of STEM subjects that were previously unknown to me. Overall, I’m very grateful for this experience and would definitely like to encourage other girls at Concordia to research into the vast options that STEM subjects have to offer.” - Charlotte (9TPRE)

“The course was really fun and fascinating, and I learned a lot about the types of sciences involved with STEM. I never knew just how broad the range of scientific courses and jobs available for girls was. Most science events that I have gone to before showed the same experiments, where I don’t learn anything new, but I learned so much more about having a career in STEM than I thought that I would, and it changed my mindset on what I might do later in life.” - Annabel (9TPRE)

There may be similar opportunities in 2024 for Year 9 and 10 girls, so get in touch to express your interest.

Ekaterina Babourina-Brooks
Mathematics and Physics teacher