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Digital Technologies Update

Digital Technologies Student Project Showcase

Have you ever wondered what our students get up to in Digital Technologies? Well, you now can explore, interact and play with a range of our student projects from Years 7-10 on our Digital Technologies showcase website. Click on the projects in our catalogue to launch them in your browser. New student projects are always being added.

Students across the Middle Years have been busy learning about a range of programming languages, concepts and skills. Scratch, Python and JavaScript are the main programming languages explored across Years 7–10. They have developed skills in problem-solving, inquiry, collaboration and creative thinking to solve a range of interesting problems. There is currently a skills shortage in digital proficiencies around the country and we would encourage students to consider study in the range of Digital Technologies subjects to learn more and prepare them for a variety or professions beyond school.

Coding Competition Winners

Congratulations to Rory (Year 7) and Rhys (Year 9) on winning the 2023 Concordia College Coding Competition. Rory developed a sophisticated role-playing game using Python and Rhys developed a 3D multiplayer first-person shooter game to a very high standard. We had multiple students from a range of year levels work on passion projects throughout the term. Students developed creative games through a range of coding languages, showcasing their skills. You can now play these game entries online and experience their amazing digital creations for yourself.

More Coding Opportunities for Students

All Concordia College students have free access to an amazing online learning resource called GROK Learning. This resource provides online competitions, tutorials and challenges. If you are looking for some projects over the school holidays, we would encourage students from Year 3 and up to get online and continue to build their digital skills across a range of coding languages.

If you have questions or need help accessing Grok Learning, please get in touch with Mr Matthew Smart.

Matthew Smart and Marcus Schmerl

Digital Technology Teachers