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Launchpad 2023

Middle and Senior School Showcase

Last Thursday afternoon we hosted LaunchPad, our annual showcase of Middle and Senior School student learning and innovation at the Concordia Campus. More than 250 students were present with one of the products of their learning to share the learning process and proudly display what they had created or developed. From furniture to artworks to drone flying demonstrations, from music performances to children's story books, from computer games to still photographs and from chemical titration demonstrations to personal projects, the passion for learning in all its forms was clearly on display.

It was wonderful to welcome parents, grandparents, fellow students and local community members to the Fortiter Gymnasium for this celebration.

More than 50 teachers were also in attendance, showing their support for their students and the learning they have achieved.

Well done to all who were involved in setting up such a complex exhibition hall, and for the visitors who allowed the students to proudly share their journey.

Dennis Mulherin
Principal - Concordia Campus


Awards for three of the subjects exhibiting work at Launchpad were presented to students in the lead up to the event. The winners of these awards are as follows.

Visual Arts Awards

Year 12 Subject Awards
  • SACE Stage 2 Visual Art: Leah 12CFIN
  • SACE Stage 2 Creative Arts: Megan 12CFIN

Design, Technology and Engineering (Material Solutions) Awards

Year 12 Subject Award
  •  Kieran 12TMCC
Most Outstanding Product Award
  • Ethan 12JLEY
Peer Assessed Best Product Award
  • Kieran 12TMCC
Resilience Award
  • Zoe 12CFIN

Television and Digital Media (Integrated Learning) Awards

Year 12 Subject Award
  • Ashlee 12CFIL
Media Excellence Award
  • Skye 12KNIC
Personal Endeavour Award
  • Ted 12KNIC

Thank you to the proud sponsors of these awards.

  • Visual Arts Awards - Eckersley's Art & Craft
  • Design, Technology and Engineering Awards - Workplace Commercial Furniture | Australian Timbers | ELRACO
  • Television and Digital Media Awards - Old Concordians' Association