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The Catherine Obst Lutheran Schools Year 8 Public Speaking Award

On Thursday 23 November two of our Year 8 students, Adele and Sophie, competed in the Catherine Obst Lutheran Schools Year 8 Public Speaking Competition. Unity College warmly welcomed students from a range of Lutheran schools across the state for this year’s event. Thanks to Unity College for their hospitality.

This team competition was judged by two adjudicators from Rostrum South Australia. Adele spoke on the topic 'Global issues, local action' and Sophie’s topic was 'Time travel tales – learning from the past to shape the future'. The adjudicators commended the students on the high standard of the competition overall. Concordia claimed victory and were presented with the perpetual shield to display until next year’s competition. We congratulate these hardworking speakers on this wonderful result.

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extended Learning