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Australian History Competition

The Australian History Competition provides students with an opportunity to be challenged. Participants must demonstrate their knowledge and skills, their ability to interpret historical sources and show the crucial skill of seeing different points of view. Our Year 8 and 10 students participated in the 2023 Competition. We are delighted to recognise their outstanding achievements.

Year 8

  • Distinction: Finn 8DLAN, Yolanna 8NBRO, Sophia 8LSCO, Paris 8DLAN, James 8LBRO, Eva 8LSCO, Sean 8DLAN, Elijah 8KSPA, Elizabeth 8LSCO, Neeka 8LSCO, Nicholas 8DLAN.
  • High Distinction: Ethan 8LBON, Keziah 8NBRO, Erin 8LBON

Year 10

  • Distinction: Joshua 10VNAR, Sophie 10COHA, Fergus 10JDIV
  • High Distinction: Jack 10JDIV, Charlie 10JDIV

We congratulate Jack 10JDIV and Charlie 10JDIV, who achieved a High Distinction and secured the highest score in the State for Year 10. This achievement earned them the title of State Champions for South Australia and a medallion.

Congratulations to all the participants!

Scarlett Lucero
Humanities Coordinator