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Future of Food’ Incursion

What will be eating in the future and how do we reimagine our relationship with food?
7 Dec 2023

In Weeks 6 and 7 of Term 4, Year 9 Humanities students participated in an incursion titled ‘Future of Food’, presented by Post-Dining. The 80-minute incursion took place in The Suaviter and students were able to engage with a range of sustainable and innovative strategies being implemented to address concerns around food security and food waste. Students were immersed in a range of future scenarios, where they were encouraged to reimagine their relationship with food and to develop strategies for a sustainable future. They even had an opportunity to taste some ‘future foods’, including cricket corn chips, freeze-dried ice-cream, and camel mettwurst!

Rory Amoy
Year 9 Humanities Teacher

Scarlett Lucero
Humanities Coordinator