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Hearts Filled With Love

Navigating farewells and embarking on a new day, especially during the early school moments, can be a big thing for our youngest students. We trust that the love heart gifts made by Concordia Campus staff and students, meant to adorn the school bags of our new students, will serve as a concrete reminder that they are cherished deeply and that a parent's love is constant. May they grasp onto their heart "filled with love" as they dive into the day's activities. Each heart will be accompanied by the following poem.

To hang on your school bag, snug and neat, 
This little heart is a love-filled treat.
Mum and Dad's hug, inside it's found,
Hold it tight when you're feeling down.
Take it off your bag, hold it near,
When you miss them, don't shed a tear. 
Feel their love, so warm and true,
This little heart is just for you!

Hajnalka Molloy