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SA Middle School Ethics Olympiad

The Ethics Olympiad is a collaborative event which encourages students to analyse and discuss real-life, interesting ethical issues. An Ethics Olympiad differs from debating in that students are not assigned opposing views. Instead, they deeply examine the perspectives and counter arguments to communicate a nuanced position on what they believe is right. They succeed by showing that they have thought more carefully, deeply, and perceptively about the cases in question. 

Two Middle School Concordia teams comprising of Year 8 and 9 students Adele, Sophie, Kenzie, Oliver, Zachary, Laura, Sherry, Eamonn, Emma and Mariette, competed in the 2023 Middle School Ethics Olympiad in November. We acknowledge them for their thoughtful development of ethical awareness, critical-thinking skills, presenting their arguments respectfully, showing enthusiasm for civic engagement and discourse, and their appreciation for diverse points of view. Special acknowledgement and congratulations to the Year 8 team (Adele, Sophie, Kenzie, Oliver and Zach) for placing fourth overall out of 11 teams in the competition.

Scarlett Lucero
Humanities Coordinator