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St Peters Campus Reception and Year 1 Excursion and Stay Up Late Experience

Last Thursday was a very busy, fun-filled day for the St Peters Campus Receptions and Year 1s. Along with the much-anticipated Stay Up Late Night in the evening, we arranged to visit the brand-new community library, Tiwu Kumangka, in the daytime.

After learning of our intention to visit, the staff at Tiwu Kumangka invited us to be a part of their annual Christmas project where children were asked to make Christmas crafts to decorate their community bus. These decorations would be enjoyed by the members of the community that use the bus. The children were keen to be a blessing and encourage other people. They put in their best effort in making the decorations beautiful and then willingly gave them to the library staff. We look forward to sharing a photo of community bus users enjoying our decorations when we receive it!

The Reception and Year 1 children also had a great Stay Up Late Night. Nature Play SA ran a mini festival session where children could experience cubby building, making their own water runs, potion making, nature painting and loose parts play. It was interesting to see, particularly with the cubby building, how the children’s skills and understanding had grown over time as it was the second time some of the Year 1 children had done these activities. Following the Nature Play SA session, we enjoyed pizza for dinner and had ice blocks and fruit for dessert. Then, we watched a movie while waiting for parents to pick the children up. Needless to say, there were a lot of tired but very happy children.

Marion Nam, Trevor Burmeister and Laura Benger
St Peters Campus Teachers