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St Peters Campus Year 2 Zoo Excursion and Zoo Snooze Adventure

The Year 2 students from our St Peters Campus embarked on an exciting first school camp at the Adelaide Zoo, participating in a Zoo Snooze adventure.

We enjoyed a special tour of the zoo after dark, which was quite interesting. The students showed great curiosity, asking many questions about the animals we encountered. As we settled in for the night in our sleeping bags, the distant roars of lions added a unique touch to the experience. We also had an exciting time playing on the adventure playground at the zoo, adding a playful element to our trip.

On the second day of our camp, the students ventured to Bounce, an indoor trampoline park that proved to be a lively and energising experience. Amidst the flips and jumps, the students displayed their aerial acrobatics, fostering teamwork and coordination skills in a playful setting. Later that day, our journey continued with a visit to The Plaster Fun House, where creativity took centre stage. Students had a wonderful time painting their own plaster molds, wrapping up our memorable camp before heading back to school, leaving us with a trove of cherished memories.

Kathryn Watkins and Lisa Smith
Year 2 Teachers