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Year 12 Cake Creations

4 Apr 2024

Our Year 12 Food and Hospitality students recently demonstrated the ability to apply problem solving skills in the development of a gourmet or signature cake concept that reflected the current industry trends. They worked individually and utilised a range of technologies in the production of their cake. They then prepared and presented their cake for a chosen occasion.

Students individually completed an evaluation reflecting on the impact of technology in the preparation, presentation and preservation of their celebration cake. After the evaluation, students received feedback on their cakes. This feedback was used for reflection, helping students identify strengths and areas for improvement in their baking skills. It’s also an opportunity for students to reflect on their creative process and problem-solving abilities throughout their summative task.

Completing summative cakes to a high level not only showcases students’ baking skills, but also demonstrates their ability to plan, execute and evaluate a culinary project from start to finish. It was a hands-on way for students to apply what they learned in class and develop valuable skills in the kitchen.

Mersina Harpas
Food Design Teacher