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From the Head of College

Celebrating a Spirited Beginning

As we embrace the start of another enriching school year at Concordia College, I am filled with immense gratitude and optimism at the opportunities that lie before us. With dynamic new leadership and enthusiastic staff, we look forward to a school year of excellent learning opportunities for our students.

The ELC-12 Commencement Service, a vibrant event that brought our entire College (1400 students and 180 staff) together in the new Fortiter Gymnasium, was a celebration and a heartfelt invocation of God's guidance for the year ahead. This service, deeply rooted in our Lutheran tradition, reminded us of our collective journey in faith and learning. It was a moment to renew our commitment to each other and the values that make our community unique – inclusivity, support and a shared pursuit of knowledge under God's grace.

Similarly, the Concordia Campus Installation Service held a profound significance. Witnessing our new staff and Student Leaders commit to their roles was a powerful testament to our ethos of servant leadership and Christian service. This ceremony emphasised our responsibility to shape an environment where every individual can flourish in the light of God's word. These services remind us that at Concordia, we are more than a College; we are a community united in faith, dedicated to nurturing young minds and hearts.

Seeing the large turnout of parents at our three campus Parent Information Evenings was particularly heartening. These occasions were informative and a wonderful opportunity to begin a new year of parent partnership in a social and engaging environment. The enthusiastic participation of our parent body is a testament to the strong, collaborative spirit that defines our Concordia community.

As we move forward into this academic year, let us carry with us the spirit of these services – a spirit of unity, purpose and faith. Let's support one another in embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and celebrating student achievement.

We are poised for a year of significant learning, growth and community building. Here's to an exciting year ahead at Concordia College, filled with the joy of learning and the warmth of our caring community.

In His Service

Paul Weinert
Head of College