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Year 7 Orientation Week

Throughout the first week of school for 2024, the Year 7s engaged in a four-day orientation program to help develop an understanding of the College’s processes and daily organisation, fostering a smooth transition into Middle School.

The first day consisted of a number of get-to-know-you activities allowing students to connect with those in their Home Class and participate in a Bible Ceremony, where students received their College Bible for use across their schooling.

During the week, students were introduced to key members of staff through a series of workshops, including:

  • Service Learning with Mr Mark Rathjen
  • Spirituality with Ms Isobel Yeend
  • Counselling information with Ms Heather Quinn
  • Organisation with Ms Alva Barton
  • An introduction to the library with Ms Hajnalka Molloy
  • MYP and assessment with Ms Emily Borowicki

Students participated in SEQTA workshops and a Home Class vs Home Class competition of Tunnel Ball on the oval. LifeChanger also ran an immersion session, focusing on connecting with others. Students were encouraged to work together with their peers, building stronger connections.

It was great to see students enthusiastically engage in their first week of Middle School. We look forward to the exciting year ahead.

Rachel Hogan
Year 7 Leader