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German Exchange

In late January, 14 Concordia College Year 12s arrived home from their two-month exchange in Bavaria, Southern Germany. During their time in Germany, the students enjoyed lots of snow, European Christmas and New Year celebrations, the magical atmosphere of the Christmas markets and a week-long trip to Berlin. The students also attended school in Germany, immersing themselves in the German language. Many also had the opportunity to try skiing and to travel to other countries such as Italy and Austria.

The trip was a life-changing experience, with the students gaining friendship, confidence and independence, in addition to enhancing their language skills.

“The exchange to Germany was completely unreal! Not only did I learn some essential German phrases (“Kann ich bitte eine Bretzel haben?” – “Can I please have a pretzel?”), but I was also able to build lifelong friendships with people across the globe through school, music and sporting programs. The food was amazing, the weather was beautiful (when I remembered to wear gloves), and the best part was knowing that I will soon fulfill my promise of going back!” - Macy 12CFIL

Early in Week 2, the Adelaide Airport was once more full of Concordia College families, as we welcomed the five German students who we are hosting this term. They are experiencing the novelty of school sports, practical subjects such as Food and Hospitality, and of course school uniform! Weekend activities with their host families have included hiking, a trip to Mt Lofty, surfing lessons and absorbing the atmosphere of Lunar New Year celebrations at the Central Market. We wish them an enjoyable time with us, and look forward to introducing them to our Primary and Middle School classes.

Judy Harris
Year 11 Leader and German Exchange Coordinator