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SACE Merit Ceremony

We are delighted to share the outstanding achievements of some of our students who recently attended the SACE Merit Ceremony in the grounds of Government House. On Wednesday 7 February and Thursday 8 February, a series of ceremonies were held over the course of which 16 Year 12 and Year 11 students from 2023 received their subject merits.

The Merit Ceremony celebrates students who attain the highest levels of academic excellence by achieving an A+ and being in the top 1% of students in their respective subjects.

The historic Government House provided a fitting backdrop for honouring the hard work, perseverance and determination of these young people. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to students who achieved a merit and also to their families and teachers who supported them on their SACE journey.

Merit Recipients

2023 Year 12 Cohort2023 Year 11 Cohort
Kieran BrightDesign, Technology and Engineering: Material Solutions

General Mathematics

Zara FisherActivating Identities and Futures
Ethan BrussDesign, Technology and Engineering: Material SolutionsPatrick D’ArcyMusic Performance - Ensemble
Jackson CrawfordMathematical MethodsMacy FrancisActivating Identities and Futures
Adina LopezGeneral MathematicsRenee MaraisActivating Identities and Futures
Kate StruttonSociety and CultureSienna MattnerActivating Identities and Futures
Alicia ValeIntegrated LearningLuke MuldersActivating Identities and Futures
Megan WoodDesign, Technology and Engineering: Material SolutionsJared SanunActivating Identities and Futures
Emilia SilcockActivating Identities and Futures
Sean SmithMusic Performance - Ensemble
Victoria ThomasActivating Identities and Futures

Fiona Greig
Senior School Learning Leader