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ELC and Year 8 Drama Collaboration

The St John’s Campus ELC children were delighted with a visit from some Year 8 Drama students who shared their developing skills through familiar storybook presentations. The stories came to life through the Year 8 students using interactive approaches, voice, costume and props to engage their young audience. While the Year 8 students gained practice in live theatrical performance, the ELC children gained an understanding of audience etiquette. Other learning for the ELC children included skills such as listening, comprehension, imagination and cooperation. Year 8 students commented, 

“It was awesome to see their little faces laughing, watching and yelling out cute comments.”

“I liked going across to the [St John's] Campus and seeing the new ELC area. Concordia was where I have been all my schooling days, so to go there and remember what I might have been like at their age was amazing.”

The ELC children were willing and enthusiastic participants in this new initiative of peer learning with the Concordia Campus Drama students.

The Year 8 students will now produce their own pieces of Theatre for Young People to present to younger audiences as part of their trimester of study in Drama. The Drama department looks forward to continuing this cross-campus connection, modelling to the younger children what they too can look forward to in the future!

Deborah Waters
ELC Teacher

Aldo Longobardi
Drama Coordinator

Suzanne Martin
Year 8 Drama Teacher