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Year 3 Drama Fringe Performance

21 Mar 2024

On Thursday of Week 7, our St John's Campus Year 3 students attended a captivating Fringe show performance titled Signor Baffo. The show left our young learners thoroughly entertained as they witnessed Signor Baffo's fun, adventurous and chaotic journey in the kitchen, requiring many helpers along the way.

This term in Drama lessons, Year 3 students have been immersing themselves in the art of role-play, character development, and the skilful use of humour to craft engaging scenes. Observing such creativity firsthand undoubtedly enriched their understanding of storytelling and performance.

Events like these not only entertain but also inspire creativity, curiosity, and a passion for the arts among our young learners. A special thank you to Interactive Theatre International for providing a delightful performance that ignited our students' imaginations.

Carla Bigiolli
Primary School Dance and Drama Teacher