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Year 9 Concordia — The Rite Journey Calling and Departure

A sense of anticipation was in the air as the Year 9 students and families made their way up Carrick Hill Drive to McElligott’s Quarry reserve early on Friday 8 March. They were greeted by the Home Class teachers as they settled on the grassy hill overlooking the city below. Concordia – The Rite Journey begins with a Calling and Departure Ceremony. This ceremony acknowledges the call for students towards adulthood, a call of more responsibility and the building of knowledge and competency for adult life.

The Home Class teachers shared their wisdom as they each explored a key character quality  and how it will be essential for personal growth for the Year 9 students. Each quality was then focused on throughout the remainder of the day. We will also continue to focus on these throughout the year. Whilst ‘Amazing Grace’ was being played by the Year 11 string quartet, the students had an opportunity to share their gratitude for their childhood by giving gratitude letters to their parents. Chaplain Mark Rathjen prayed a prayer of blessing and the parents said goodbye as the students prepared for the Departure element of the day.

The Departure is symbolised in a challenge day for the students, to represent the challenges experienced and the qualities needed on the journey to adulthood. 150 of us embarked on a three-hour hike around Brownhill Creek, where various challenges were attempted. The Sticks, The Summit, The Rock and The Rope provided opportunities for the Year 9 students to show teamwork, leadership, grit, resilience, communication and perseverance as a Home Class.

We want to congratulate the Year 9 students for the way they approached the challenge day and started The Rite Journey for 2024. It was difficult, it was hot, it was tiring, and it was rewarding as we completed the hike by finishing at Mitcham Reserve and debriefing on what we had achieved.

We will build on the lessons learned from this experience as we prepare for our Adventure Camp to the Flinders Ranges midway through Term 2.

Ben Crook
Year 9 Leader