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From the Director of Learning and Wellbeing ELC-12

There is nothing quite like the beginning of a new school term – yards, corridors and locker areas fill with excitement from students reconnecting with each other, and classrooms fill with a renewed spirit of curiosity from refreshed minds.

As we welcome back our students to Term 2, the absence of their vibrant energy during the first two days was noticeable. These initial days were quieter without the usual hustle and bustle of students; however, they were far from idle. Teaching staff spent these days engaging in professional learning, with yards, corridors and office areas filling with excitement as teachers generated ideas for improving outcomes for their students in the upcoming term.

Continuous improvement is a fundamental aspect of professionalism, and on Monday 29 April all teaching staff came together and worked collaboratively within teams to identify opportunities for improvement in practice. On Tuesday 30 April, while Concordia Campus staff held Learning Conversations between teachers and parents/caregivers, St John’s Campus staff explored ideas for how every learner can be challenged, empowered and connected, and St Peters Campus staff completed training with Mark LeMessurier for What’s the Buzz, an evidence-based program that develops social and emotional intelligence in young people (more information can be found here).

Nobel Prize Laureate William Butler Yeats suggested that "education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire". Professional learning creates sparks that ignite flames of curiosity, enthusiasm and passion for teachers, which allow them to create sparks that ignite flames of a similar nature in students. As we look ahead to the remainder of Term 2, I look forward to seeing the College illuminated by the fires that result from these sparks.

Mathew Disher
Director of Learning and Wellbeing ELC-12