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Generations in Jazz 2024

This year student 73 students represented Concordia College at Generations in Jazz and came away with some fantastic results.

  • Division 1 Large Vocal Ensemble: 2nd Place (Mattson Jazz Choir, pictured above)
  • Division 2 Large Vocal Ensemble: 24th Place (McKenzie Jazz Choir)
  • Division 3 Large Vocal Ensemble: 7th Place (Prelude Jazz Choir)
  • Division 2.2 Stage Band: 2nd Place (Big Band 1, pictured below)
  • Division 4.2 Stage Band: 12th Place (Big Band 2)

Additional Highlights

Our Mattson Jazz Choir alto section was selected to be in the ‘Super Choir’; Ella 12SBAC, Elysia 11RGOG, Amali 10JMCP, Coco 12KNIC, Matilda 11RSOM and Matilda 12JLEY.

Marco 10JROB, Macy 12CFIL and Peter (Year 11) were selected to be in the Division 2 Super Band (on Trumpet 2, Trombone 2 and Alto Saxophone respectively). Marco 10JROB was also named as Trombone 4 in the Division 4 Super Band.

Biana 12KNIC was chosen as one of four students to have improvised solos at the massed choir workshop.

Well Done!

Congratulations to all staff and students involved on your wonderful results. Your commitment to the ensembles, your hard work and energy truly shone through.

Kellie Rich
Head of Music Performance ELC-12