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Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad 2024 – OzCLO

Second language learning contributes significantly to the development of linguistic and problem-solving skills and has been described as ‘one of the most complex mental activities you can do’. In fact, research has shown that learning a second language:

  • physically changes the brain, increasing the number of neurons and connections between them
  • has numerous other benefits, including improving concentration, memory, communication skills and creativity.

Concordia College has an excellent reputation for our language programs and we are well-known for our involvement in the German Exchange. Our staff are very active in Language Associations. As part of our commitment to fostering linguistic extension opportunities, we have a regular lunchtime Language Club, and other special cultural activities occur throughout the year.

In Term 1, 16 students from Years 9, 11 and 12 participated in the Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad (OzCLO). OzCLO is a highly regarded and extremely rigorous nationwide competition, where students work in teams under intense time pressure to solve a range of language analysis problems. In 2024, over 660 teams and 2,649 students across Australia took part in the competition, all vying for a place in the national and international rounds. Concordia entered three senior teams and one junior, and all students can be justly proud of their brilliant teamwork, and of their achievement. Overall, our teams received an impressive three silver awards and one bronze. Congratulations to all students involved.

  • Sophie (Year 9) Silver
  • Adele (Year 9) Silver
  • Erin (Year 9) Silver
  • Justin (Year 9) Silver
  • Lexi (Year 11) Bronze
  • Sophie (Year 11) Bronze
  • Angelina (Year 11) Bronze
  • Kelsey (Year 11) Bronze
  • Lucas (Year 11) Silver
  • Aristo (Year 12) Silver
  • Josh (Year 11) Silver
  • Tom (Year 11) Silver
  • Sean (Year 12) Silver
  • Freddy (Year 12) Silver
  • Jared (Year 12) Silver
  • Luke (Year 12) Silver

Mrs Trish Prenzler
Acting Languages Coordinator

Mrs Emma Rieger
Enrichment and Extended Learning