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Author-in-Residence, National Simultaneous Storytime and More…

Tristan Bancks - Author-in-Residence

We were very fortunate to have award-winning author Tristan Bancks at Concordia on Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 May. Tristan spoke to all Year 4-9 students about his books and writing processes. Did you know that Tristan has a playlist for each of his books that helps him to set the tone and pace? Year 7 and 8 students also had the extraordinary opportunity to attend an additional writer’s workshop with him, to help develop their creative writing skills and provide them with different strategies for generating ideas. A special thank you to Catherine Manthey and Karen Mitchell for working behind the scenes to help make this event happen for our students and teachers.

Happy reading, everyone…

National Simultaneous Storytime

This year's National Simultaneous Storytime book was Bowerbird Blues by Aura Parker.

On Monday, the Year 3 students from St Peters Campus and St John’s Campus spent time together listening to the story and working collaboratively to create a bower decorated with blue items that they have been collecting…

During the week, ELC–Year 2 students at Peters Campus read the book, made and created nests using paper and clay, pretended to be bowerbirds collecting blue things and learnt facts about bowerbirds.

Upcoming events:

Keep your eyes open for the following events:

  • Friday 31 May - Luminary Lunch for Year 6 students – by application only
  • Wednesday 12 June - Write a Book in a Day. Year 5-10 students are invited to join in the Write a Book in a Day competition… contact Mrs Molloy or Mrs Thiele for further information.

Hajnalka Molloy
Learning Resources Manager - Concordia Campus and St Peters Campus

Nolene Thiele
Resource Manager - St John’s Campus

Nicolle Jakube
Primary School Learning Leader - St Peters Campus