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Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) Update

Welcome back to school as Term 3 gets up and running! It’s hard to believe that the year has flown by so quickly thus far. We have been settling into our new space quite nicely and hope the children are enjoying our new space as much as we are. We have just concluded our extremely busy mid-year Vacation Care program which saw so many familiar faces return to OSHC as well as some lovely new faces attending.

We were very lucky throughout this Vacation Care to go on many excursions all over Adelaide! There were a few standout excursions, including the Ice Arena, Woodhouse Outdoor Activity Centre, MARS sports centre and Zone Bowling. It was amazing to see all the children (and Educator Liam) be so resilient at the Ice Arena. They were all amazing at brushing themselves off if they fell down and trying again, which was incredible to see. They should all be very proud of themselves.

We were also lucky enough to head over to the Middle and Senior School campus a few times during our incursion days which was a new, exciting experience for many of the kids. We created some fun outdoor games to play in the new areas and even had some LEGO specialists come and visit us, showing the children how to build some really amazing LEGO structures. We were also able to build some amazing cubbies with huge carboard boxes we were lucky enough to get from the Wood family. Thank you again for supplying these for us to use, everyone really enjoyed them!

Vacation Care also saw a few special birthdays for our Educators. Happy Birthday to Bree and Amira! We were able to have a big surprise celebration for Amira which we hope she enjoyed (organising 65 kids for a surprise birthday was quite difficult).

A big thank you to Educator Liam for all his organising for our successful Vacation Care program. He always does an exceptional job and we appreciate everything he does here at OSHC. It won’t be long until we begin organising the next Vacation Care, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for any suggestions/feedback for next time.

With thanks

Isaac Noles
Assistant Director OSHC

On behalf of The OSHC Team