Learning at Concordia

  • ELC4

Inspiring students to achieve their personal best

Concordia College offers an engaging and supportive learning environment with a curriculum which encourages authentic learning that reaches well beyond the classroom. We work together to create an environment where our students are safe to accept challenges, take risks in exploring their learning and achieve their best in all they undertake.

Through personalised learning, we cater for the different learning needs of our students at each stage of their development. Technology is integrated into all aspects of learning, encouraging our students to unlock different learning modes and processes. 

Concordia College welcomes students with special needs and values them as unique individuals. We offer an inclusive education program where students' individual needs are addressed through differentiation. Each campus has specialist learning support teachers who help to identify modifications and adjustments that enable students with special needs to access an education that is relevant to their learning needs and personal goals.

An International Baccalaureate World School since 2001, our learning program reflects our belief in a balanced education which fosters academic, emotional, physical, relational and spiritual growth.

We aim to provide a purposeful learning environment where students feel secure and supported, with opportunities that engage and challenge them to discover what is possible.