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Diverse opportunities for leadership development

We aim to provide students at all year levels with meaningful leadership opportunities that will prepare them for life beyond school.

Senior years offer opportunities for students to represent the college as School Leaders, House Captains, Sport and Music Captains and to take active roles in delivering school assemblies, representing the school at official functions and organising key events, such as the final Year 12 Assembly and Year 12 Formal.

In earlier years students can represent their peer groups as members of the Student Representative Council, including School Leaders in Year 6, primary school sports captains, year level house captains, as team captains or music leaders. These opportunities provide a pathway to the more demanding roles available in Senior years.

There are also other less public roles such as Resource Centre Monitors, coordinating Primary School lunchtime clubs, Year 9 Ambassadors, Year 11 Peer Support Leaders and Year 12 Action Leaders, and opportunities to apply for places in various Service Learning activities – all offering great opportunities for students to develop the skills associated with serving others and good leadership.