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From the Concordia Campus Principal

Paul Weinert CC PrincipalBlessed to be a Blessing

All of us who work at Concordia College are called to mission and ministry; however, being in Lutheran education doesn’t mean we are entitled to serve ourselves and in the process, claim a title. It means we serve God by serving others. We are speaking and serving directly on His behalf to others. We trade selfishness for selflessness and strive to bring honour to Him and not ourselves. However, in doing so we must be careful not to become complacent or comfortable in our work, but put into action what we learn from His Word, for faith without works is like standing still. God wants our obedience, hence we remove “self” out of the equation and change our mindset. This process starts to orient our work towards true service. We change the way we used to do things in order that we may bring glory to Him. 

Being a part of the Concordia community gives us the overwhelming privilege of growing deeper in our faith through our unique experiences. Yes, sometimes these experiences cause hardship, but these tough times should be seen as opportunities to grow in faith. Through our faith we can strengthen our resolve to accomplish difficult tasks, which may at first seem overwhelming.

In these times, it is helpful to reflect on how the love of God has transformed us for ‘higher duties’. This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! (2 Corinthians 5:17)

When we learn and are assured of what God wants from us in our service, we must walk the walk and talk the talk. When you talk with God and walk with God, the possibilities become limitless. Welcome him into your thoughts and share your feelings, your concerns, and your dreams. Walk with him and learn how to put His Words into action!

We are blessed by God not because of our works, nor is it an entitlement and nor can it be earned. It is a gift from God. You’re blessed to be a blessing to others through service.

I feel blessed to be able to serve in this wonderful community, and as I continue the transition into this exciting role as Principal, I am thankful to the faithful people who serve the students in our College with such passion. Already in the initial stages of my tenure, I have had the joyful opportunity to witness, at very close quarters, the positive impact these servants (staff and parent volunteers) have had on the students. This has indeed been a blessing.

Paul Weinert
Principal - Concordia Campus

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Year 12 Pastoral Care

Earlier this term, Peter Hughes, acting Mayor of Unley, introduced students to an exciting community service program we are offering our Year 12s in partnership with the Unley Council. This supports our ethos of Engage, Achieve and Serve, as well as offering students the opportunity to focus on the needs of others and to give them better perspective to cope with their own stresses and challenges. We are looking forward to all students willingly participating in serving our local community to whatever extent they can. Students have already signed up to participate in an activity in the Unley area.

In Week 7, Psychologist Rita Princi spoke about how our Year 12 students can define their purpose for this year and their future.

Last week the Year 12 Home Class Deputies helped to heat up some hot cross buns and students enjoyed hot chocolates to celebrate Maundy Thursday. The year level enjoyed a reflective time together with an alfresco version of 'Café Atrium' and contemplated what they had learned from their time on the Year 12 Retreat.

Steph Noon is a Wellbeing Consultant who uses evidence-based positive psychology exercises to empower people. She presented a talk at last week's year level assembly about how wellness is a right and she also shared exercises on how to alleviate stress and empower student wellbeing.

Magistrate Ian White gave a presentation on increasing the students' Drug and Alcohol Awareness and about the law in relation to these issues.

In the last week of this term the School Leaders will run a year level assembly and take time to reflect on Term 1. The Year 12 Formal is to be held at the Grand at Glenelg at the end of the term.

Rick Sommariva
Year 12 Pastoral Leader

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State Theatre Company Drama Workshop

On Wednesday 21 March, the Year 12 Drama students were fortunate to be involved in an acting workshop with 2 actors from the State Theatre Company. We were thrilled to welcome Nathan O’Keefe & Rashidi Edward who are part of the current theatre ensemble and who the students have seen perform in a number of recent productions. The workshop focused on physical theatre and comedy. Students were both entertained and engaged by the actors’ sense of humour and amazing skills. 

Emma Williams
Head of Drama

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Harmony Day Event: Generation of Change

On Thursday 22 March our Year 7 Forum Reps attended a Harmony Day Event at the Unley Town Hall. For the last five years, Reconciliation SA and ActNow Theatre have worked together to deliver a schools' program called Generation of Change.

This was an empowering event which:

  • Explored what individuals can do on an interpersonal level to respond to racism;
  • Presented resources that explore racism and the effect that it has on people;
  • Discussed cultural safety and how it can be supported in schools and the community.

The program also included ActNow Theatre's award winning interactive Forum Theatre Performance ‘Responding to Racism’ which focused on addressing, preventing and building resilience against racism. Our Forum Reps were excellent representatives of the College and have begun working on ways in which they can share their learning throughout the College.

Here are some reflections on the day from one of the student attendees:

On 22 March, nine Year 7 Forum Reps and Deputies went to a Harmony Day event at the Unley Town Hall. It was a day full of fun and activities, starting with a fun game of ‘Have You Ever…’ –  even the teachers got involved! We got to see some videos that were a bit confronting, but they really showed how racism has a big effect on people in real life. Nathan, an Indigenous Australian, sang songs that he had written about how racism had affected him and also told us stories about it. There was a play which got us involved in the whole thing, taught us how we could stop racism and how to go about it the right way when you want to stop racism. It showed us how some people need a bit of help to stop someone being racist to them and how anyone can stand up to a bully. Our final activity was writing ways in which we could stop racism in our school. As racism isn’t a big problem in our school community we didn’t think of lots of ideas, but we still thought of a few and we hope to put them into action. Seeing as we had started with a game of ‘Have You Ever…’  it was only right that we finished with one. It was a great experience and opportunity for anyone from the ages of twelve through to eighteen.

Gemma 7MGA

  • Yr7 Harmony Day5ai
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Term 2 Notices

Term 2 begins on Wednesday 2 May.

Bus Passes for Term 2 are now available for payment and collection from the College Finance Office.

They can be purchased for $290 via:

  • the College website
  • by telephone (8291 9360 Direct line to Anne Clifford) or
  • in person from the College Finance Office
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Year 8 Limbo Competition

In Year 8 Pastoral Care, we are always looking at ways we can mingle as a cohort and create new friendships. What better way to do that than a mass limbo competition! Year 8s gathered on the oval last Wednesday morning to face-off against opposing Home Classes, with Aleisha from 8RCR being our eventual champion! A big thanks to Mrs Martin who allowed her car stereo (and sub-woofers) to be used as a mobile sound system to play ‘Limbo Rock’ on repeat!

  • Yr8 Limbo 0277ai
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Year 7 German

The Year 7 German students were thrilled when our Exchange students from Germany came to help with preparing the first summative speaking task for the year. It was very exciting to have a chance to practise with and learn from native speakers!

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Year 12 Retreat

The Year 12 cohort enjoyed coming together with an overnight stay at the Year 12 Retreat held at Nunyara Conference Centre Belair on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 March. Initially, the year level worked as a team to perform some orienteering tasks in Belair National Park and then spent the rest of the time in large and small group discussion sessions. All students and staff enjoyed the experience and it was humbling to see the entire group emotionally moved at different times during the two days.

I look forward to the 2019 Year 12 Retreat.

Rick Sommariva
Year 12 Pastoral Leader

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Geography Students Get Out and About

Over the last few weeks Geography students have been taking their classroom learning out into the big wide world.

Last week, Year 9 Geography/Science students visited the Adelaide Botanic Gardens to gain an understanding of how biomes and ecosytems are important in nurturing our food security. Students explored the rain forest conservatory, the cactus garden, and the Amazon pavilion while learning about how plants adapt to their environments, and what food is produced in the different biomes.

Earlier in the week, Year 10s headed down to Port Noarlunga for the day to observe the coastal processes at work and make decisions around effective management of this environment. While exploring the beach and rocky ledges students found a number of treasures lurking in the rock pools. For many students, the day at the beach was “their best day out” – superb weather, great location and explicit and intentional geographical learning.

The week prior, Year 11 Geography students undertook their study of key urban areas in Adelaide – Lochiel Park, Lightsview & Bowden – to observe patterns of sustainable development.

The Year 12 Geography students visited the Migration Museum to gain a greater understanding of 21st century migration in Australia. The concept of super diversity was introduced to students as they gained a greater understanding of the transition to predominantly temporary migration visas. It was a very interesting insight into the current patterns of migration in Australia, and helped the students to debunk some of the myths relating to this topic.

The time spent out of class on the various field trips have been invaluable in helping Geography students gain a greater understanding of the world around us.

Joanne Wegener
Geography Teacher

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Student Achievements

Well done to Ben 12CFI who recently travelled to Parliament House in Canberra as one of seven Every Australian Counts champions to talk with politicians about the need to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme and to fix some of the problems that exist with the scheme in its current form.

Congratulations to Caitlin 11SBU on being selected by Golf SA to represent South Australia in the Australian Interstate Teams Matches at The Grange Golf Club in May. This will be Caitlin's first senior appearance at this event and she will also represent SA at the Junior Series in April. We wish Caitlin well as she prepares for both competitions.

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