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Girls Crows Cup

On Monday 19 March, 15 excited Year 5 and 6 girls took to the football field for their annual Crows Cup Competition. The girls did extremely well and finished 4th overall. They should all be proud of themselves for both their sportsmanship and football skills. A special thanks to all the parents and grandparents who came for part of the day or the whole day. It was great having you there supporting and cheering on the students. We are now looking forward to the Boys Crows Cup coming up on Monday 9 April at Glenelg Oval (Gliderol Stadium).

Nicole Fielke and Jo Peasgood

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St John's Campus Sports Results

Tuesday 20 March

Concordia Cats defeated Burnside Jets: 17-11. Congratulations Liam for scoring your first match goal!

Thursday 22 March

Concordia Clippers defeated Burnside Torpedoes: 16-11.
Concordia Crystals defeated by Concordia Celtics: 36-6. Always hard when playing against friends!

Tuesday 27 March

Concordia Cats defeated Rose Park Rebels: 25-8. 

Thursday 29 March

Concordia Clippers defeated by Unley Hawks: 31-17.
Concordia Crystals defeated by St Therese Slam-dunks: 6-22.

Tuesday 3 April

Concordia Cats defeated Burnside Lions: 27-22.


Monday 19 March

Concordia Comets drew with St Raphael’s Devils: 7-7.
Concordia Comets defeated Unley All Stars: 12-4.

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