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From the St John's Campus Deputy Principal

Drogemuller Sue aiEaster Break

I hope that you all had a chance to spend time with family and friends over the recent Easter break. It’s a lovely way to restore the energy levels as we finish the final couple of weeks of Term 1, especially with the wonderful weather!

Siassi Visitors

We enjoyed a wonderful week of having our Siassi visitors working beside us. Our three visitors were immersed in Concordia College life for the week and this also included a tour of the Concordia Campus. Please read the full report in this newsletter.

Staff Update

Recently we have had a change in staffing and we are pleased to welcome Miss Maddy Russell to the Year 1 team. Maddy is already familiar with the school as she is an Educator in OSHC.

Parent/Teacher Interviews and Three Way Conferences

Thank you to the many parents that were able to spend time in their child’s classroom as we completed the first round of interviews recently. The Year 6 students have also taken part in Three Way Conferences. This is the first opportunity that our Year 6 students have had to take part in these and they have engaged in this process in a positive way.

School Service/BBQ

We are looking forward to our first School Service for this year in the Chapel on Sunday 8 April. The Year 2 and Year 5 classes have been working together to prepare so that they can lead the Service with Pastor Nigel. Soon after the service finishes, the St John’s Campus community will come together for our annual School BBQ. I hope to see many of our families at these events.

Sue Drogemuller
Deputy Principal - St John's Campus

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Celebrating Holy Week 2018

Holy Week is arguably one of the most sacred and special weeks in the Church calendar each year. Holy Week commences on Palm Sunday and culminates on Easter Sunday with the resurrection of Jesus. At St John’s Campus in 2018 we celebrated Holy Week in a variety of ways across all year levels, including daily Holy Week devotions done as individual classes, a variety of craft activities across several year levels, and through a very lively and interactive presentation to the school community (for students in Reception-Year 6) by the Schools Ministry Group on Holy Wednesday afternoon. Arguably however, the highlight of Holy Week was a very special Chapel presentation on Maundy Thursday morning presented by students in Year 1H and Year 4R, who shared the message of Jesus dying on the cross for us. Pastor Andrew Brook also assisted at this service. The story of Jesus’ resurrection was also shared in a very special way with our community on Easter Tuesday morning (3 April) again by students in Year 1H and Year 4R, as well as Pastor Nigel Rosenzweig. 

We thank Mrs Reu, Mrs Harrip, Pastor Andrew and Pastor Nigel (both from St John’s Lutheran Church), Year 1H and Year 4R students for two very special chapel presentations which shared the Easter message with us as a school community.

Jane Graham on behalf of the Spiritual Life Team

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Year 6 Guest Speaker Yasmine Ernst

On Tuesday 27 March both Year 6 classes were privileged to host guest speaker Yasmine Ernst (originally from Adelaide) who owns the children’s orphanage “Zaida ya Dreams” in Nairobi, Kenya, to complete our combined Unit of Inquiry exploring Migration and Refugees both in Australia and abroad.

Yasmine’s incredible message to the Year 6s was heartfelt, moving and highly engaging. She shared her personal story of travelling to Kenya as a young person, finding her adopted daughter and ultimately setting up her orphanage which currently houses 18 children. Only six weeks ago Yasmine had to return to Kenya unexpectedly and cut her three month stay in Adelaide shorter as her orphanage burnt to the ground.  Fortunately, all survived and Yasmine was again able to return to Adelaide to complete her stay here.

We were incredibly fortunate to have hosted Yasmine and we thank her for a truly amazing story that we all learnt so much from which also enriched our Unit of Inquiry greatly.

Jane Graham
German Teacher

  • Yr6GuestSpeaker2ai
  • Yr6GuestSpeakerai
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Siassi Partnership Visit

During Week 8 we were blessed to host three visitors from PNG as part of our ongoing partnership between the St John’s Campus and schools on the Siassi Islands. Mr Solomon Nalong, Mr Daniel Koro and Mrs Leah Yawal were hosted by school families who generously opened their homes during their stay.

Throughout the week, our visitors shared stories from their lives and culture. They also shared worship songs, traditional dance (sing sing) and developed relationships with staff, students and families. Our students loved spending time with them and some of our older students were excited to be reunited with Mr Nalong and Mr Koro who had previously visited in 2014.

Nancy Wells

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Siassi Walkathon 2018

A very big thank you to everyone for such a great day on Friday 23 March for our annual Siassi Walkathon. It was great to see so many parents and other family/friends attend to support our students with this very special event. The weather was also glorious and the sea of students wearing the colours of the PNG flag and walking with so much passion and pride was spectacular to witness.

The money raised through our walkathon will support the St John’s Campus partnership with the schools on Siassi Island in Papua New Guinea.

This year guests visiting from Siassi - Leah Yawal, Solomon Nalong and Daniel Koro - also joined in our special event. 

Just a reminder that once you have collected your sponsorship donations please bring your money in to school ASAP so that we can tally the final amount and announce this to the school community. We have been tallying the money raised over the past few weeks so you can see how much money we raise. This tally is displayed in the JP Hall and the Red Shed.

Heartfelt thanks to all families for your continued support of this exciting and enriching event.

Jane Graham
2018 Walkathon Coordinator

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National Young Leaders Day

On Tuesday 27 March, our eight House Captains, William, Olivia, Jay, Miriam, Mariah, Marcus, Macey and Bailey, joined over 400 young student leaders from across the state at the 21st ‘Halogen’ National Young Leaders Day at the Entertainment Centre. They were entertained, engaged and challenged to develop as leaders of the present and future by four inspirational Australian leaders. John Coutis, born with minimal lower legs and now a double amputee, presented a message around the theme of ‘Treat people the way you want to be treated’ that was at times moving and at other times humorous. Jules Sebastian, fashion stylist, described herself as a very ordinary person and implored us to ‘Be the best version of you that you can be’, and Matt Cosgrove, children’s author, encouraged us to stay positive, to find our passion and practice in order to improve, while also reminding us that people are important, that we need to persist and that the power of imagination is everything. Finally, Nathan Bazley, ‘Behind The News’ presenter, observed that everyone has something unique to contribute, sometimes you just need to be ambitious. He also prompted us to ‘Do what excites you’. A truly memorable day for all participants and we look forward with anticipation to our leaders taking action from what they learnt.

Gary Robertson and Nicole Fielke

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Term 2 Notices

Term 2 begins on Wednesday, 2 May.

Bus Passes for Term 2 are now available for payment and collection from the College Finance Office.

They can be purchased for $290 via:

  • the College website
  • by telephone (8291 9360 Direct line to Anne Clifford) or
  • in person from the College Finance Office
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Year 4 Camp

Our Year 4 students recently enjoyed a three-day camp in the Adelaide Hills at Woodhouse, Picadilly. Here are some of their highlights:

"Matt’s lasagna was delicious."

"Challenge Hill was challenging, but worth giving a go because it was so much fun."

"I liked the yummy food there!"

"The activities there were so much fun, especially the orienteering."

"The brain games were challenging and lots of fun. My favourite game was making the wooden puzzle."

"We learned to be independent and have fun at the same time."

"We had lots of fun sliding down the giant slide on most of the days."

"The rope swing over the creek was lots of fun but really hard, because the ropes were far away from each other. You had to wobble yourself to get to the next one or else you fell in the water."

Caitlin Wilk & Elizabeth Reu
Year 4 Teachers

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Year 5 Camp

During March, 56 excited Year 5 students plus Mr K, Mrs S-P, Mr Wegener and Mrs Fairlie set out for a two-night camp at Ankara campsite, Walker Flat.

The camp involved a long bus trip, lots of fun activities, great food and some wonderful moments that we will never forget. These included kayaking, raft building, swimming, tribal challenges, orienteering, watching movies, devotion and hanging out getting to know each other and our teachers.

This camp has set the scene for our year ahead as a Year 5 community and we can’t wait to see what exciting learning and adventures this year will bring.

Dan Keylock & Janine Sarson-Parker
Year 5 Teachers

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Fun in the Sun

After just having completed a great few weeks of learning about the important relationship between the sun, Earth and moon, we thought it would be great to get out of the classroom and experience some fun in the sun. The Year 3 classes made their way to Belair National Park to explore, build and imagine.

We had fun together testing out our developing orienteering skills on the course set out by the adventure playground. We problem solved and worked on a shelter building task to keep Mr Kriewaldt dry in case of a storm.

Finally, we looked at the environment and tried to imagine what it would have been like for the Kaurna people of the Adelaide plains before European settlement.

We had a fun and exciting day and even managed to see some emus, kookaburras and koalas whilst we were there.

Anita Ruggiero & Mike Kriewaldt
Year 3 Teachers


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Year 3 Expo

When a child is able to share their learning it gives both them and their parents a better appreciation of what skills they have been developing at school. Learning through inquiry is about so much more than facts, rather it is about demonstrating an understanding of how things are connected to each other and how we operate within our world. For this unit, “How the world works”, students learnt about how the sun affects our lives. Students showed their learning by sharing with their parents one aspect of the work that they had been doing. We also shared a song we had learnt about the sun. It was a lovely celebration of learning. Well done Year 3 students.

Anita Ruggiero & Mike Kriewaldt
Year 3 Teachers


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Year 6 Street Art

The Year 6 students have been very creative on the St John’s Campus grounds. Their Visual Arts unit of inquiry this term focused on street art and culminated in a number of designs being incorporated into one large artwork on the fence outside the Red Shed. The students worked with a range of materials to express their feelings of being connected to Concordia College - nurture, fun, faith and growth.

Nancy Wells
Art Teacher

  • Year 6 StreetArt2ai
  • Year 6 StreetArt1ai
  • Year 6 StreetArt3ai
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German Update

Please note that new information has been added to the German page within the 'St John's Campus Updates' section of the parent portal. 

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Student Achievements

Congratulations to Joseph (5S) and Olivia (6SH) for qualifying and participating in the Adelaide South East SAPSASA Metro Swimming Championships held on Thursday 22 March.

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Sports for Schools Vouchers

Thank you to those who have been collecting Sports for Schools vouchers. The promotion finished on Wednesday 4 April. Please bring your tickets to the School Office by the end of Term 1 for collation.

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