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A message from the Language, Literature and Societies Learning Leader

Daniel WoodAs a new member of the Concordia College staff this year, I have been impressed by the breadth of opportunities provided to our students and the passion and dedication with which teaching staff here approach their very important work. In seeking employment at Concordia College, I was inspired by the College’s vision for learners and learning, expressed through the Unlocking Futures framework, to develop the key learning principles of learner agency, inquiry, resilience, innovation and connection in and through our teaching and learning philosophy, programs and practices. What an exciting and necessary challenge this is for our teaching and support staff, and for our students!

To enhance the opportunities for our students to develop future-focussed skills and achieve their personal best academic outcomes, the College has made the strategic decision to invest heavily in staff development. The work of renowned Australian educational researcher Dr John Hattie identifies ‘collective teacher efficacy’ – that is, ‘a shared belief in our collective ability to positively influence student outcomes’ – as a key driver in enhancing student outcomes. In introducing the Learning Leader role to the Concordia Campus this year (as the Learning Leader for Language, Literature and Societies, I work alongside Learning Leaders for The Arts, STEM and Personal Development), the College has adopted a new ‘instructional coaching’ model, based on the work of Jim Knight, to guide our improvement with a focus on effective teaching and learning. This ‘instructional coaching’ model supports teaching staff to reflect on their teaching practice, identify areas of strength and areas for growth, set student-centred learning goals, explore and develop new teaching strategies to help achieve their goals and then reflect upon their efficacy.

While the implementation of this new professional learning model is still in its infancy, the foundation is being set for Concordia College to be a leader in the sort of reflective teaching and learning practice which drives improvement and provides the opportunity for our students to achieve the extraordinary.

Daniel Wood
Learning Leader – Language, Literature and Societies

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College Musical - Beauty and The Beast

The annual Concordia College musical is always a highlight on the school’s event calendar and this year’s production of Beauty and The Beast was no exception. Audiences were blown away by the sheer talent of the students and the quality of the performance. Weeks of hard work culminated in a sold-out final performance and a standing ovation on Saturday night. It was sheer joy for the cast, crew, band and staff involved to be back in a theatre with a real and appropriately socially-distanced audience. Such an amazing experience has seen new friendships formed, performance skills strengthened and wonderful memories created. Congratulations to all involved!

Emma Williams

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Year 10 Geography Field Trip to Port Noarlunga

With a forecast of 28 degrees, Monday 22 March proved to be a perfect day for Year 10 Geography students to spend at the beach learning about coastal processes, and assessing the impact of human activities on the coastal environment. Students collected a variety of field data using equipment ranging from tennis balls and tape measures to clinometers, as well as the smartphone app EpiCollect5.

Being on-site gave students the ability to transfer their learning from the classroom to a realistic situation. Following the field trip, students have been busily writing reports to make an assessment of whether the area around the dunes and cliffs at Port Noarlunga should be further developed.

Joanne Wegener
Geography Teacher

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Music Notes

Congratulations to Concordia’s AMEB award recipients

Each year, the Australian Music Education Board (AMEB) presents awards to students who achieve outstanding results in their AMEB Grade exams. Concordia was again very well represented at this year’s AMEB awards ceremony held in Elder Hall on Saturday, 20 March.

The following students achieved the highest marks in their categories: 

  • Haneulle (Year 12KBEN) – Associate of Music Australia (AMusA) Diploma award with Distinction
  • Jasmine (Year 12LMAC) – Associate of Music Australia (AMusA) Diploma
  • Sterling (Year 11SBUD) – Grade 8 Prize (Viola)
  • Caleb (Year 11JLEY) – Associate of Music Australia (AMusA) Diploma and AUSTA Strings award
  • Jude (Year 8NMCG) – Grade 8 Prize (Violin)
  • Marco (Year 7JHEA) – AMEB Grade 2 Brass ABODA Prize

Each of these students exemplifies how commitment, hard work and focussing on overcoming challenges can lead to great results in a chosen field of endeavour, and Concordia applauds their outstanding efforts.

Big Band 1 Entertains at Lunchtime

On Tuesday of Week 10, under the direction of Adam Page, Big Band 1 performed a terrific set of jazz music for those who gathered in the Quad at lunchtime. Each piece the band performed was different in style and instrumental focus, highlighting the students’ versatility and level of musicianship.

We look forward to more lunchtime performances throughout the year, as we engage in showcasing the wonderful talents of our students.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

  • 2021 AMEB Awards
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Resource Centre News

What’s happening in the Yangadlitya Centre? 

The Yangadlitya Student Leader’s Team  

Welcome to our amazing new team of student leaders: Charlotte 7JHEAEmily 7JHEAGwen 7SMARJack 8KSPAAlessandra 8SCOOZara 9ZTIDVictoria 9CRIDElla 9CRIDChloe 9TPREHayden 9SWHILily 9CRIDErin 9TPREGeorgia 11JLEYFinn 11GGRAElijah 11SBUDShathir 11GGRAShuangcheng (Steven) 11RGOGJack 12KBEN and Liam 11JLEY

These students are working on a number of projects including creating a MakerSpace in the centre; redesigning the space to meet the learning and wellbeing needs of students; as well as organising events, activities and a variety of strategies to connect students with literature. You can contact them with your ideas and suggestions at: 

Connecting with Literature 

Book Tastings  

A number of classes have participated in a Book Tasting. During these sessions, students come to the “Yangadlitya Café”, are seated at their tables with a placemat, order form, napkins, candles, and a bread basket full of books to choose from – after all, books are brain food! Students are invited to have a taste of a range of books and record those books that they wish to borrow, devour and savour in the future to nourish their minds.

Request a Book

We are encouraging students to request books that they would like to read. Please use this link if you would like to request a book: Student Book Requests or write your suggestions into the suggestions book at the Circulation Desk. 

eBooks and Audiobooks

Did you know that you can access a huge range of eBooks and audiobooks through the Wheelers app? You can access this through SEQTA or download the app directly to your device and sign in with your school email address and computer password. 

 Wheelers books ePlatform

Developing Research Skills

Many classes have been further developing their research skills and exploring a range of search engines and search strategies. My top tip for this week: Try the search engine Swisscows, it will help you refine your topic and add to your list of useful search terms.

Guest Speakers

Dr Kiera Lindsey – Historian, author, radio and TV presenter spent a lesson with the Year 7 students on “What is a Historian?”.

Catherine Russell and Elham – supporting Asylum seekers and Refugees in Adelaide.
During this term, 8KSPAR has been reading Morris Gleitzman’s Boy Overboard. To tie in with this, Catherine Russell visited to talk about her work in supporting asylum seekers in Adelaide and gave students an insight into the reasons people come to Australia to seek refuge, the types of challenges that they have faced and the work she does to support them. She brought her friend Elham who fled from Iran in 2012. At the age of 14 Elham came home from school one day to a house full of guests. She didn’t know that evening was to be her wedding. She told the students a little of what life was like for women in Iran and how lucky we are to live in Australia. She came to Australia so that she could provide a better life for her children and ensure that her daughter was kept safe from some of the terrible things that happen to women in Iran. Catherine explained the ways in which her Christian faith guides and inspires her work in supporting asylum seekers.

Hajnalka Molloy
Learning Resources Manager

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Digital Entertainment Memberships - supporting the Concordia P&F

Access amazing deals on food, dining, travel and entertainment and support the Concordia College P&F by purchasing a Digital Entertainment Membership. Download a flyer for more information or click to order your membership online.


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Lost Property Reminder

There are many items in Lost Property that need to be claimed. Following is a list of some pieces that you may recognise. Students who have misplaced any items, are asked to speak with staff at the Student Services Office (SSO).

Lost Property items include:

  • Concordia College hats, caps, jumpers, hoodies, windcheaters
  • Clothes, towels and other items left at the Year 8 Camp
  • Items left behind at Sports Day
  • Jewellery, keys, membership cards – please note: an accurate description of these items will be required for security purposes
  • Drink bottles
  • Orthodontic mouth guard/plate
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Glasses

Any items that remain in Lost Property (excluding keys and membership cards) at the end of Term 1 (Friday 9 April) will be donated to a charity.

We ask you to please label all items. If SSO receive a named item to Lost Property, it will be returned to the student.

Helen Smith
Student Services Officer

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  • DSC 0005
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Student Achievement

Congratulations to Hunter 7LAUS who has been selected in the SA Athletics Team to represent the state at the Australian Athletics championships to be held in Sydney from 12-19 April. Hunter was selected following his participation in SA Athletics open day events where he ran an impressive 12.98 seconds for the 100m. We wish Hunter all the very best as he prepares to compete in Sydney!

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