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Concordia Campus Music Notes

It has been a very busy start to Term 1 in the Music Centre. Most ensembles have started rehearsals, and we are already hearing some fantastic sounds. This includes all Big Bands, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Musical, Pit Band, Middle School Choir and String Ensemble. 

The following ensembles would welcome new members, who may attend the rehearsals next week for a “come and try”. Students would need to be having lessons in that instrument:

  • Flute Ensemble
  • Guitar Ensemble

Instrumental lessons have begun for 2018. New students are still welcome to join the program, and may do so by applying through the online form.

Please note, photocopies of music should not be used by students due to Copyright. It is expected that students will purchase music for use in their lessons. This may be in the form of books recommended by their instrumental teacher, or downloaded links which have been suggested to the student, and those downloads will bear the name of the student, being the purchaser of the score.

Instrumental Hire is available, should students need to hire an instrument. Please complete the online hire application form.

In particular we would welcome applications for lessons in Flute, Clarinet, Trombone, Bassoon, Oboe and French Horn. Please note that we also offer group lessons in Improvisation. If you wish to discuss this option, please feel free to call Jenni Watkins in the Music Office on 8291 9367.

Ensemble Timetable

A copy of the Term 1 timetable for ensemble rehearsals is now available for download. Students audition for many of these ensembles, with auditions taking place in Term 4 each year.

Generations in Jazz

Students who are members of Big Band 1, 2 & 3, Jazz Collective and Jazz Choirs 1, 2 & 3 will all have been notified that their children will attend the Generations in Jazz Music Festival as part of their involvement in these ensembles and choirs. The tour will be leaving on the morning of Thursday 3 May and returning late Sunday 6 May. Families will receive more information very soon, and are reminded that attendance at this festival incurs a cost of $510. Students who have already attended and have a tour jacket, will be charged $475. They will need to deliver their laundered hoodie to the Music Office no later than Friday 16 March. New students will be able to try on sample size hoodies very soon.