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From the St John's Campus Principal

Michael Paech SJC PrincipalWelcome to the beginning of our 2019 school year.

At the St John’s Campus our term commenced for students on Wednesday last week with an opening Chapel service led by Pastor Andrew Brook. It is always a real blessing to start our school year in this way - giving thanks to God for his many blessings and also committing the year ahead to his guidance and direction.

In our opening Chapel service Pastor Andrew spoke about his family’s recent move into a new home, sharing some of the challenges and also the excitement that came with the move.

He also talked about the need to leave some things behind when making a new beginning, and to even discard some things that are no longer helpful or necessary.

As we start our new school year, whether this is as students, staff or families, I think it is often helpful to take stock of what we need for the year ahead and also perhaps what would be helpful to discard or leave behind.

A positive and optimistic mindset that looks forward with hope and determination is always a great starting point as we step into a new year. Likewise, it is helpful to leave behind those things that are no longer useful at the beginning of a new school year.

Maybe it is time to let go of a negative approach to learning, a ‘glass half empty’ way of viewing life or perhaps some resentment or bitterness that we may be harboring towards someone.

Sometimes the unhelpful things are difficult to let go of, and Pastor Andrew reminded us that our gracious God is always willing to help us with these challenging parts of our life. All we need do is ask him.

God promises to always be with us: guiding; comforting and providing us with the strength that we need to move forward.

I pray that as we step into this new year we can do so with a healthy level of optimism and hope, knowing that God is with us as we move forward.

Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. - Psalm 73:23

Staff Professional Learning

During the week(s) leading up to the start of school, staff were involved in a range of learning opportunities along with various meetings all intended to prepare us for the year ahead.

I thank our staff team for their commitment to, and engagement in, this important preparation time as we planned for a positive year ahead. Thank you also to members of our team who led different parts of our preparation/planning week(s).

Parent Information Night

I look forward to seeing you at our Parent Information Night this evening. Our program is as follows:

  • 7.00 - 7.40pm // Sessions in classroom (classroom teachers)
  • 7.45 – 7.55pm // Whole School Information update in hall (Ms Muldoon & Mr Paech) | Strategic Directions for 2019 (Mr Paech) | Changes to assessment/reporting processes (Ms Muldoon)
  • 8.00 – 8.40pm // Classroom session repeated (classroom teachers)

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

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Free Parenting Seminars

I would like to endorse the free parenting seminars run by Mark Le Messurier and Madhavi Nawana Parker at the Fullarton Park Community Centre for our school community. Both presenters are well respected in the field and this is a great opportunity for parents, carers and teachers to gain insight and skills in working and caring for children. I have already booked myself in for all of them.

The information and discussion groups on Wednesday mornings, monthly, are also run by Mark Le Messurier. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for parents and carers to workshop some of the common issues of parenting.

Parents are encouraged to sign up quickly if they are interested as places will definitely fill up fast.

Download seminar list | Discussion group flyer

Tamara Martin
Community Carer

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Project Update: Sheltered Walkway

In November 2017, we were advised that we were successful with grant application of $150,000 from the State Government to fund a Sheltered walkway along the path between the tennis courts and the oval. 

This application was supported by many members in the community who use the area and saw value in the planned improvement. 

During 2018 the College worked with landscape architects Oxigen to develop this concept. The design was finalised and construction was completed over the December/January holidays and we are delighted to now have more shelter available for those walking between campuses, and particularly for those watching sport. 

Final touches including lighting, paving and netting are being completed, but we are thrilled with the outcome and can see that this will be a great improvement for many members of the community as they access these areas of our College. 

Thank you for your support.

Sally Staggs
Business Manager - St John's Campus

Mick Hoopmann
Business Manager - Concordia Campus

The new sheltered walkway in the shared community sports zone

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Chapel Offerings

I hope your children have had a wonderful start to their new school year. 

I would just like to tell you a little bit about the recipients of this term’s Chapel offerings which will be going to our partnering Siassi Schools in Papua New Guinea.

The partnership between Siassi Schools and Concordia College, St John’s Campus, which operates under the umbrella partnership between the Evangelical Lutheran Church - Papua New Guinea and the Lutheran Church Australia, is founded on the sharing of Christian faith and will encourage and support both parties in:

  • developing the spiritual growth of staff and students;
  • sharing God’s gifts;
  • the professional growth of staff;
  • achieving high standards of teaching, learning and leadership;
  • promoting intercultural understanding and respect; and
  • continuing the development of long-term relationships between our communities. 

We sincerely appreciate your generosity in helping us to provide support and assistance to these special schools.

Paula Meyer
Spiritual Life Coordinator

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Uniform Reminder

At the beginning of the year, we need to remind students about a few uniform guidelines. 

The Uniform Policy states the following in regard to hair: Hair – should be neatly styled. Long hair, on or below the shoulder must be tied back at all times. Extreme artificial hair colouring and styling is not acceptable. Hair should not draw specific/undue attention to a student. Shortest acceptable hair length is a ‘No 2 cut’ all over. Please note the Number 2 all over

The St John's Campus students are also able to purchase a Track Jacket. This is to be worn over a jumper or rugby top, but not instead of them.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

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