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From the Concordia Campus Principal

Weinert PaulWelcome to the new school year! This new beginning is particularly exciting as we begin implementing our Strategic Plan for the College.  During the beginning of year professional development activities, the Plan swung into action as the staff were engaged in sessions introducing our new learning framework, Unlocking Futures. This framework is the centrepiece of the 'Lead in Learning' strategic intention, "to implement approaches to teaching and learning that provide students with opportunities to collaborate, be creative and take ownership of their learning." The principles which underpin this framework are focused on preparing our students to thrive in the rapidly changing world of work which they will need to skillfully navigate.

We have an educational duty to prepare our young people to live and succeed in this emerging world, but perhaps more importantly an opportunity to help them shape and lead it as well. 

The future is created through the honest and open reflections about our past, but if we want something better for the future, we must create it.  This doesn’t mean we have to ignore the past, but we take the best of our teaching practice and build on it, and in some instances reform it. We would be remiss to allow our misapprehensions to hold back a student’s aspirations. 

This sentiment is at the heart of our new vision and will be the driving force as we begin an exciting journey towards a new paradigm in student learning and wellbeing through a series of dynamic strategic initiatives which comprise our new Strategic Plan: entitled ‘Towards 2025’. Central to the plan is facilitating learning experiences that engage and empower the whole person, opportunities to serve and grow in faith, and the welcome and support of a vibrant, connected community, all of which nurture the skills and qualities students require for a changing world.  Some of the initiatives listed in our strategy are already well underway. For example, the Unlocking Futures learning framework has been the source of intensive research and planning throughout 2019. Meanwhile, our Wellbeing Research Project is at a pivotal moment with extensive research into the mental health needs of our students now informing the development of a new College wellbeing framework and a reshaping of pastoral programs across the College, utilising the vast resources of Flinders University through our unique partnership. It should be noted that in both our Unlocking Futures framework and our Wellbeing Project, intensive consultation with students informed the directions of these initiatives, which will be so influential in future directions of the College.

Our College is a vibrant, dynamic and ambitious place shaped by the grace of Jesus Christ, hence we see a joyful and optimistic future for our students that is strengthened by the Gospel message - a message of hope that comes to the fore during Chapel services and which in turn radiates throughout our College community.

Paul Weinert
Principal - Concordia Campus

Strategic Intentions


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2020 Commencement Service

The 2020 Commencement Service on Wednesday, 29 January, saw the Concordia Campus community gather to formally commemorate the beginning of the new school year as we welcomed new staff, Student Leaders and House Leaders into their roles, thanked God for the ways he continues to bless the College, and brought the year ahead to Him in prayer. We also celebrated some of the achievements of the Class of 2019 who received their excellent academic results over the summer break.

The following students and staff were acknowledged and officially installed during the Commencement Service.


Student Leaders

School Captains
Hannah Prenzler
Joshua Z Martin
Deputy Captains
Sarah Harper
Will Everett
Student Leaders
Charlotte Warrick
Jessie Keech
James Peet
Stuart Campbell

House Leaders

Cheltenham Captains
Molly Corbett
Archie Muller
Cheltenham Deputies
Matilda Miller
James Hanson
Highgate Captains
Ella Byrne
Joshua Goodwin
Highgate Deputies
Emily Ward
Jack Sutton
Malvern Captains
Jacqui Borgas
Kyle Gillies
Malvern Deputies
Hannah Borgas
Thomas Glaister
Winchester Captains
Eva Falzon
Oliver Long
Winchester Deputies
Lucy Montgomerie
James Kemp

New Staff

Rory Amoy Stuart Packer 
Alva Barton  Emma Rieger 
Lauren Bone  Jennifer Russell
James Divitkos  Darren Schultz 
Steve Eden  Barnabas Smith
Gaynor Gray  Michelle Thomson
Jane Healey  Belinda Zanello
Josie Klovekorn   
Tegan Morgan  

We also had the opportunity to acknowledge and congratulate:

The top SACE student and overall Dux with an ATAR of 99.3:

  • Rowan Sanun

The top IBDP student for 2019:

  • Ella Brock-Fabel

In his Dux acceptance speech, Rowan thanked those who had helped him along the way - his teachers, friends and family. Rowan also offered some advice to all those entering Year 12 this year, .

It’s easy to think at the beginning of the year that you’ll cocoon yourself in the bubble that is Year 12. ... But you don’t have to give up everything. In Mr Leydon’s words, “find a happy medium.” Look after yourself, get enough sleep, make time to catch up with friends, and enjoy your time together in Year 12.
... Regardless of your approach to Year 12, life has a habit of throwing a curveball at the worst possible time. ... It happens! And if it does, keep things in perspective ...  you are not on this road alone, and if you find yourself in that position (as I did), talk to someone. It could be a friend, family member or your teachers.

... The most important advice I can give you [about Year 12] is make the most of it. 

For an overview of our 2019 Year 12 results, visit our Results and Achievements page.

  • Commencement Service 2020 Canon 141
  • Commencement Service 2020 Canon 060
  • Commencement Service 2020 Canon 115
  • Commencement Service 2020 Canon 219
  • Commencement Service 2020 Nikon 116
  • Commencement Service 2020 Nikon 119
  • Commencement Service 2020 Nikon 125
  • Commencement Service 2020 Nikon 131
  • Commencement Service 2020 Nikon 140
  • Commencement Service 2020 Nikon 107
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German Exchange 2019-20

In mid-November last year, a group of exchange students landed in Munich, Germany, to live in Bavaria for two months! During the first few days, we met our host families, started at school, and ate a variety of German favourites: schnitzel, sauerkraut, and pretzels, to name a few. With the average temperature sitting in the low minuses, many attempted some skiing or tobogganing in the amazing Bavarian (and Austrian) Alps. The cold December away from home was a different experience to say the least. Even though it wasn’t a white Christmas, we still managed to experience some Bavarian traditions and visit the markets to enjoy some typical German dishes! The Berlin Trip gave the group a chance to catch up and see what the famous city had to offer. Though delving into parts of Germany’s history proved, at times, to be confronting and intense, it was eye-opening and definitely worthwhile. Within a few days we were on our way home with a lifetime of memories from the amazing country of Germany.

Sarah 12TMCC

  • GermanExchange 3058
  • GermanExchange 3062
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Celebrating Class of 2019 Merit Awards

At the start of this week, ceremonies were held to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding achievements of SACE and IBDP Merit recipients.

Concordia is very proud of the following students who were recognised at these events.


  • Ella Brock-Fabel - German B SL
  • Georgia Chiswell - Psychology SL
  • Winnie Lu - French ab initio SL
  • Francesca Pearce - Maths Studies SL
  • Perri Van Leuven - German B SL


  • Mark Fulton - Material Products
  • Angus Goddard - Material Products
  • Sebastian Lucey - Food and Hospitality
  • Lucy Montgomerie - Food and Hospitality
  • Michael Murray - Physics
  • Rowan Sanun - Chemistry
  • Mikaela Sas - General Mathematics
  • Jake Smallwood - Food and Hospitality

We also congratulate Mark Beecher (2018) who achieved the highest possible IBDP score of 45 after re-taking two subjects in 2019.

Well done to all of these students on these excellent achievements!

  • IBDP Brock Fabel Van Leuven Pearce Chiswell
  • SACE Merit 2020
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Music Notes

Music Ensembles

It has been a very busy start to Term 1 in the Music Centre and we are already hearing some fantastic music. Most ensembles have started rehearsals and this includes all Big Bands, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Musical Pit Band, Year 7 & 8 Choir, Year 9 Choir, Chamber Strings and String Ensemble. The remaining small ensembles will all commence in the coming days and if students are interested, they should visit the Music Office. All ensemble members and families have received a welcome email. All Year 7, 8 and 9 students have received an invitation to join choirs, should they choose to do so.

Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental lessons have begun for 2020. New students are still welcome to join the program as a mid-term intake, and may do so by applying through the online form.

Instrumental Hire

If students are having instrumental lessons at Concordia and need to hire an instrument, please complete the instrumental hire form

Instrumental Lessons and Ensemble Timetables

The timetables for ensemble rehearsals and instrumental lessons are displayed in the Music Centre. Students audition for many of these ensembles, with auditions taking place in Term 4 each year. If students have any questions about their lessons, where their lesson will be held, wish to confirm their teacher name or how to find the time of their lesson, they should visit Mrs Watkins in the Music Office.

Generations in Jazz 2020

Parents whose children are members of Big Band 1, 2 and 3, Mattson Jazz and McKenzie Jazz will all have been notified that their children will attend the Generations in Jazz Music Festival as part of their involvement in these ensembles and choirs. The tour will be leaving on the morning of Thursday, 30 April and returning late on Sunday, 3 May. New students to Jazz Choirs may audition in Term 2, 2020. Families will receive more information as the event gets closer, and are reminded that attendance at this festival incurs a cost of $560. Students who have already attended and have a tour jacket will have a reduced fee. Students need to deliver their laundered hoodie to the Music Office no later than Friday, 28 February. New students will be able to try on sample size hoodies very soon.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

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Year 8 and 10 Immunisations

Parents and caregivers of Year 8 and Year 10 students should have received a consent card, via their child/ren, for immunisations to be given this year.

The dates for both Year levels are Monday 30 March and Friday 6 November. 

Year 8

2 dose course of Gardasil (Human Papilloma Virus) Vaccine

1 dose Boostrix (Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus) Vaccine

Year 10

2 dose course of Bexsero (Meningococcal B) Vaccine

1 dose Nimenrix (Meningococcal ACWY)

Spare consent cards are available from the SSO.

The consent card should be signed and returned, even if not giving consent. Last date to be returned: Monday 10 February.

Sue Bates
Medical Support Officer

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Swimming Carvinal

On Friday, 6 December students from Years 7 to 10 competed in the 2019 Swimming Carnival at the Unley Swimming Pool. We had a beautiful day full of colour and enthusiasm, and students were excited to participate in a variety of novelty and championship events. It was fantastic to see the newly elected House Captains work hard with their teams to get swimmers in the pool and build team spirit for the first event of the 2020 House competition.

Beginning with cross-pool swims, Winchester got the most swimmers in the pool and started with a 66-point lead over Malvern. With the novelty events being favoured by many, competitive spirit kicked in and some very close results occurred between Highgate and Malvern, but it was still Winchester that scored the most points.

Our competitive races saw some amazing performances. In particular, Winchester set a number of new record times on the day, including:

  • Olivia Q (Year 7) Freestyle Division 2 - 36.63s
  • Lachlan B (Year 8) Breaststroke, 37.2 seconds
  • Samuel K (Year 8) Freestyle Division 2, 31.5 seconds
  • Hana I (Year 10) Butterfly, 34.17 seconds
  • Damon T (Year 10) Freestyle Division 2, 32.20 seconds.

One other record was achieved by Malvern competitor Kate S (Year 8) - Freestyle Division 2, 35.46 seconds. Congratulations to Winchester for winning the championship events.

The championship races attracted the attention of everyone in the stands. These are 50m Freestyle races between the fastest swimmers of each House, irrespective of year level. Congratulations to Louisa B (Year 8) from Malvern, who won the girls’ race in 30.59 seconds, and Jaden T-M (Year 9) from Winchester, who won the boys race in 28.40 seconds.

The final standings for the day were:

1st – Winchester 771 points
2nd – Malvern 590 points
3rd – Highgate 475 points
4th – Cheltenham 440 points

The 2019 Swimming Carnival was a wonderful day. Congratulations to all students for representing the school with dignity, pride and fantastic sportsmanship.   

Mrs Rachel Paterson

Photos by Ben 11JLEY.

  • Swimming Carnival best BW 008
  • Swimming Carnival best BW 014
  • Swimming Carnival best BW 018
  • Swimming Carnival best BW 040
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Stamps for Missions

The Lutheran Church collects and sells used stamps – this program, Stamps for Missions, raises money for a variety of purposes in the Asia Pacific region. In a decade, over $400,000 has been raised to support various projects… all from unwanted and used stamps.

2020 Projects include:

  • Home of Grace – this home in Thailand provides refuge to women, otherwise unsupported, during their pregnancy and in the months following the birth of their child.
  • Support for youth ministry in Sabah, Malaysia.
  • Support for the Sprau family in the Eastern Highlands of PNG. They work in the medical clinic at Ukarumpa and participate in clinics and health patrols to villages that otherwise would not receive medical care.

If you'd like to contribute, please deliver stamps to Reception or to the Yangadlitya Resource Centre at the Concordia Campus.

Thank you.

Catherine Riedel
Teacher Librarian

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Student Achievements

Well done to Issy (8NMCG), Ava (9TPRE) and Eliza (8NMCG) who represented South Australia at the Softball Australia Junior National Championships in Perth in January. The girls were part of one of two South Australian U14 development teams. A fantastic achievement!

Congratulations to Year 12 student Jessie (12LNEL) who has been selected in the U18 Australian Softball Team, an absolutely outstanding achievement. Well done, Jessie, and all the very best from Concordia!

  • IMG 1112
  • Jessie Australian softball AI
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From the Archives: Autograph Books

This week we look back at a few excerpts from student autograph books, which were prized possessions treasured by students in the early 1900s.


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