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Music Notes

Recent Performances at Principal's Tours

Guests at our Principal's Tours each year are treated to performances from ensembles and soloists while attendees arrive and take their seats. This morning the String Quartet provided some beautiful tunes which were warmly received by the guests. Similarly, attendees at yesterday's St John's Campus Principal's Tour heard a wonderful solo cello performance from Year 6 student Paddy (6EH). Thank you to the students involved at both campuses for sharing their talents and serving our community in this way.

Concordia Campus Ensemble Camps

Across three days of this week, groups of our bands and ensembles are spending time in the picturesque Adelaide foothills, working together and rehearsing repertoire ahead of another busy year of performances and events. We look forward to reading more about these Ensemble Camps in the next edition of Concordia Connect.

Concordia Campus Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental lessons have begun for 2018. New students are still welcome to join the program, and may do so by applying through the online form.

Please note, photocopies of music should not be used by students due to Copyright. It is expected that students will purchase music for use in their lessons. This may be in the form of books recommended by their instrumental teacher, or downloaded links which have been suggested to the student, and those downloads will bear the name of the student, being the purchaser of the score.

Instrumental Hire is available, should students need to hire an instrument. Please complete the online hire application form.

In particular we would welcome applications for lessons in Flute, Clarinet, Trombone, Bassoon, Oboe and French Horn. Please note that we also offer group lessons in Improvisation. If you wish to discuss this option, please feel free to call Jenni Watkins in the Music Office on 8291 9367.

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