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From the Head of Middle School

Carman BrionyNew Beginnings

There are many reasons why I love working in a school and one of them is that we get to have a fresh start at the beginning of every year. As a child I cherished that new beginning – new teachers, the chance to make new friends, pristine new books and stationery with that newly printed smell, pencils sharpened – maybe even a new pencil case!

Today as a teacher I love to watch our students arrive on that first day – their new uniforms and shiny new shoes, and with an air about them of excitement and/or apprehension about the prospects of the year ahead and, in particular, of the day ahead.

At Concordia we strive to make our students feel comfortable in their new surroundings as quickly as possible, and we have an extensive transition program, both before school starts and once the year begins, which we hope gives them confidence to tackle the new faces and their new environment - Introduction Days, Orientation Day, Peer Mentoring, Peer Support, the Beginning at Concordia Program and the Year 8 Camp are all designed to ease students through the transition period. As teachers get to know the students in their care, Home Class teacher teams facilitate the building of relationships.

So a fresh start – a chance to start anew at the beginning of the year.  Just as Jesus wipes the slate clean for us, it is a joy that we too have the opportunity to do this.

May 2019 be a wonderful year for all.

Briony Carman
Head of Middle School

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Year 8 Camp

Our Year 8s recently spent four days on the South Coast for their year level camp, forming new friendships and strengthening existing ones while enjoying a range of fun and exciting activities.

My Year 8 camp experience was filled with fun and excitement. From the very first day I arrived, Adare was filled with new experiences and new friends. We completed many different activities in our tribes, from taming the waves in body boarding to learning about rips in surf safety. We spent one of our camp days at the beach, working together in the beach games with activities like dig under the noodle, the holey bucket, and ocean trench. We also built rafts out of tyres, wood and rope which we tested in the ocean. While we were at the beach we kayaked down the Hindmarsh River all the way back to camp in pairs, stopping to play sharks and seals. That day we came back to camp a bit wet. The Adare camp program was based around working together with our tribes, creating tribal names/chants and earning points. Each day we were tested to our limits, from guiding a blindfolded person through a 'spiders web' to riding a bike 1.1 kilometres uphill, crawling face down in the mud with a wet sponge and trying to balance/roll a tennis ball down a rope, all for the hope of coming out on top. After spending one freezing cold night in a tent and waking up to Coco Pops and toast, camp was wrapping up. Everyone learnt something from our Year 8 camp, some friendships were made and some socks went missing from the washing line, but in the end it was a great experience.


On Monday, 11 February 2019, the Year 8s left their families to go on a four-day camp to Adare. When we arrived at the camp we found out our tribes and started chanting. Two of the tribes in particular, 3.0 and the Unicorns, were fierce competitors throughout the whole week. Throughout the week we did different activities. Some of the activities were the Flying Kiwi, boogie boarding and brain twister puzzles. The brain twister puzzles tested each tribe's teamwork skills and thinking skills. Boogie boarding was one of the best activities of the whole camp and everyone caught waves. The main highlight of the week was the Flying Kiwi. The Flying Kiwi was a 20 second adrenaline rush in mid-air. You could see so much from the height of the Kiwi! It tested some students’ fears as some people were terrified of heights! The dorms were where everyone got to rejuvenate and relax for the night. They were incredibly comfortable and had nice air-conditioning! After students finished in their dorms they would play some fun pool and then have dinner. The food was a highlight of the trip! It was good, fresh, and was cooked from the heart! Overall the Year 8 trip was successful and is likely to be remembered by many of the students as a highlight of our time at Concordia.

Emily 8DLAN

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Digital Matters

New Parents Access to ManageBac 

We have uploaded and updated parent information in ManageBac, the College system whereby parents can log in to see what units and tasks are being studied by their children and how they are progressing with their studies. To set up access to ManageBac, please follow these steps: 

  • Search for managebac concordiastjohns on any web browser 
  • Click on the link to open the login page
  • Type the email address you shared with the College into the log-in box 
  • Click 'Forgot your password' 
  • You will receive a password set-up email (if it doesn’t appear in your inbox, check junk mail) 
  • Follow the instructions and link in the email to set up a password 

Once you are in ManageBac, it’s good practice to add the site to your web browser bookmarks bar or favourites so you can easily access ManageBac any time you desire.

For established parents, the guide above is also useful if you’ve forgotten your password for ManageBac.  

If you have issues accessing ManageBac, please contact the College and we will help resolve the issue. If you did not supply an email to the College, you will not be able to set up access to ManageBac. Should this be the case, simply contact the Community Relations Office to have an email address added to your details. 

Parent Engagement Night 

We are also preparing an event for parents with short workshops demonstrating what we do with learning and technology as well as other initiatives at the College in Middle and Senior School. This evening event was previously advertised in February, but to avoid clashes with other events the event will now take place on Wednesday, 27 March (Week 9 on the school calendar). We will share details about the night, including an invitation to nominate participation in specific workshops, in the next fortnight.

Tony Shillitoe 
Director of Digital Resources ELC-12

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Valentine's Day Heart Foundation Fundraiser

At Concordia Campus, Valentine's Day was celebrated again this year with a non-uniform day and our annual fundraiser for the Heart Foundation, with all proceeds going towards their incredible work. This year, the funds raised totalled just under $2000. 

From roses to hearts on lockers to singing telegrams and chocolates, there was a range of items available for purchase in support of the fundraiser, as well as a delicious bake sale in the Quad.

A new addition to Valentine’s Day was the raffle. Josh 9SWHI won the prize which was loaded with many gifts and treats.

The Student Leaders would like to thank all of those who got involved in Valentine's Day. Your help and how you approached your tasks with such joy was immensely appreciated.

Georgia 12RSOM
Student Leader

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Year 7 Family Gathering

It was wonderful to see so many of our new Year 7s and their families at the Year 7 Family Gathering on Friday night. The weather was perfect, the Quad provided an ideal setting as the sun slowly set, and the pizza was delicious! We now look forward to our next P&F event, the much-loved Twilight Tea for all families and the wider community. See you on 15 March!

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Student Achievement

Josh century thumbWell done to Josh 11NFLE who scored a century for the Concordia 1st XI Cricket team on Saturday, 16 February. Retiring at an impressive 105 runs, Josh's fantastic effort at bat contributed to a resounding victory for the team. Well done!

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From the Archives: Ringing Bells

This week we take a look back at the role of the bell-ringer who signalled the change of lessons, a role performed by students until February 1965 when the Concordia Old Collegians Association funded an electronic system to replace the manual hand bell.


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