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From the Head of Middle School

Carman BrionyAt Concordia, we highly value positive relationships and genuine interactions between students as well as between students and their teachers. We are also fully aware of the potentially addictive nature of devices such as mobile phones and computers, and our intent is to encourage their responsible use.

The guidelines for use of these devices at school have been clearly communicated and were reiterated at the beginning of the year.

For parents who are not aware, these guidelines are as follows.


  • are to be off of all screens before school, at recess and lunch times and in between lessons.
  • should not be accessing their phones during lesson time unless directed by a teacher to do so as a tool for their learning. Phones should always be on silent during school hours.
  • are able to work on their laptops at recess and lunch times only in designated spaces.
    • Year 12 students in the Year 12 Study Room.
    • Middle School students in the Curriculum Support Room (lunchtime only).
    • Yangadlitya also provides a space for quiet work for all students.
    • Students should seek permission from a teacher before headphones or airPods are used. For safety reasons their use is not encouraged when travelling to and from school. 

There are medical circumstances which require a very small number of students to access their phones during the day and this is, of course, acceptable.

Students who find it difficult to comply with these guidelines will have their phones confiscated for the remainder of the day.

If students are feeling unwell during the day, we ask that they report to the Student Services Office to be assessed for the need for parent contact. We ask students to follow this process rather than contacting their parents directly.

Our goal is for students to socialise, participate in lunchtime clubs and events or generally burn some energy by being active on the oval, all of which give our students a chance to build positive relationships by being present in the moment with others.

Briony Carman
Head of Middle School

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Year 8 Camp

Week 3 saw the entire Year 8 cohort head to Adare Campsite at Victor Harbor for four days of challenging outdoor activities with the ‘Beyond Limits’ Outdoor Education team.

A range of water activities, from bodyboarding and kayaking to surf rescue and the water obstacle challenge, created many memorable experiences. Other popular activities included the bike ride to Port Elliot, the Flying Kiwi (rope swing), the tent night and the many teamwork challenges such as shelter building. There was also time for beach walks, spiritual reflection, and plenty of home-cooked food. 

The Tribe and Dorm systems created different opportunities for interaction across the cohort, plus consolidation of the sense of belonging in a Home Class. During free time, students could gravitate towards like-minded peers through activities like poly-pong, basketball, Uno, billiards and the uniquely fascinating carpet bowl games. It was wonderful to observe many new friendships forming along the way.

In reflecting on the experience, one student summarised her time on Year 8 Camp in this way, "This camp was a great way to get to know new people, make new friends and to talk to different people. Over this camp I made lots of new memories and it is a time I will never forget." (Matilda, 8VNAR

Many thanks to the Year 8 students for the way they embraced the camp experiences, supported others and rose to the challenges. Much confidence and resilience has been built in the process. A huge thanks also to the teachers who provided fun, fair and firm leadership to keep everyone safe and happy.

Louise Thomas
Year 8 Pastoral Leader

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Valentine's Day Fundraiser

It’s an understatement to say that this year’s Valentine’s Day was successful. The awesome atmosphere and spirit throughout the College was felt by everyone. All of the Year 12s were especially keen for the big day last Friday, all dressed and pumped up, ready to go around rose-giving, chocolate-distributing and performing some pretty well choreographed and prepared singing telegrams to some very lucky students. Our day ran more smoothly than first expected, with all of the Year 12s having ample Home Class time in the morning before our delayed Chapel service with the whole school. 

With all the interesting and impressive outfits worn by the Year 12s, the mood of the day was really positive, as everyone was in good spirits and encouraged by those around them. A massive thanks to all the Year 9s who helped with bringing some baked goodies for the Bake Sale at recess and lunch time – we were pretty overwhelmed with everyone’s contributions, so thanks heaps for all your help! We cannot understate how much effort all of our Year 12s put into the preparation for Friday’s success, especially the House Captains and Deputies and all those who sacrificed their Thursday afternoon to stay back at school and help prepare. Again, a massive thanks to you guys – it wouldn’t have been possible without all your enthusiasm and help leading up to Friday. Overall, it seemed that every student had a great day on Friday, and we’re reassured to know that all proceeds raised on Friday and from the rose and chocolate purchasing [in the lead up to the day] is being evenly split between the Heart Foundation and the Bushfire Appeal, to help out those who were affected by the fires and disasters over the past few months.

Thanks again to every single student for making this year’s Valentine’s Day so successful.

Josh (12CFIN) and Hannah (12RSOM)
School Captains 
(on behalf of the 2020 Student Leaders)

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Year 7 Family Gathering

Last Friday night we held our first community event for the 2020 school year - the Year 7 Family Gathering, a wonderful way to welcome new families to the Concordia Campus in a relaxed setting.

With over 400 guests in attendance there was a wonderful buzz in the Quad as our new families enjoyed delicious wood oven pizza whilst connecting with each other, the Year 7 Home Class teachers and other key staff. Following a welcome from the Principal and the Head of Middle School, a warm greeting was given from both the P&F President and Vice President, and the parents volunteering as year level coordinators this year were also introduced.

Thank you to the wonderful team of Year 12 parent volunteers and P&F members who helped make the evening such a success.

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Year 7 Heritage Trail

Over the last week our Year 7s have been learning about Concordia’s fascinating 130-year history. They have enjoyed touring the College Heritage Trail, and exploring the Heritage Centre, as they gather information for their project work - a great way to learn about the College itself as they begin their learning at the Concordia Campus.

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Music Notes

Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental lessons have begun for 2020. New students are still welcome to join the program as a mid-term intake, and may do so by applying through the online form.

Instrumental Hire

If students are having instrumental lessons at Concordia and need to hire an instrument, please complete the instrumental hire form

Instrumental Lessons and Ensemble Timetables

The timetables for ensemble rehearsals and instrumental lessons are displayed in the Music Centre. Students audition for many of these ensembles, with auditions taking place in Term 4 each year. If students have any questions about their lessons, they should visit Mrs Watkins in the Music Office.

Generations in Jazz 2020

Parents whose children are members of Big Band 1, 2 and 3, Mattson Jazz and McKenzie Jazz will all have been notified that their children will attend the Generations in Jazz Music Festival as part of their involvement in these ensembles and choirs. The tour will be leaving on the morning of Thursday, 30 April and returning late on Sunday, 3 May. New students to Jazz Choirs may audition in Term 2, 2020. Families will receive more information as the event gets closer, and are reminded that attendance at this festival incurs a cost of $560. Students who have already attended and have a tour jacket will have a reduced fee. A reminder that students need to deliver their laundered hoodie to the Music Office no later than Friday, 28 February.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

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String Quartet at the February Principal's Tour

Thank you to the Concordia String Quartet 1 members Jasmine (11JWEG), Haneulle (11JLEY), Sterling (10JHEA) and Caleb (10BZAN) who entertained guests as they arrived for the February Principal’s Tour. They performed beautifully and we thank them for demonstrating for families considering our school for the future education of their children, one of the many music extra-curricular activities available at Concordia.

Mat Noble
Director of Music

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