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From the Head of Middle School

Welcome to 2021

Carman BrionyFrom my Middle School perspective, we have had the privilege of a very settled start to the year, and there are many contributing factors to this which we should acknowledge and build upon. 

The first key factor, I believe, is the calibre of our teachers and the way they collaborate in their teams to provide an environment where students feel cared for as they are guided through the transition process.

As you will be aware, Concordia aims to provide our young students with the best education possible. We expose them to a broad range of curriculum learning experiences, personalising this by providing appropriate levels of support and challenge for holistic development.

The Year 7 to 8 model, where (when possible) students move with their teacher from Year 7 into Year 8, builds a level of assurance which we have not had before. The Year 9s moving into single gender Home Classes also brings a level of comfort for the students.

At the end of last year, much time was spent by staff allocating students to classes, considering their placement from many aspects, including their wellbeing, in order to give them the best chance of success. The level of satisfaction in this process has been excellent.

We aim to improve the flow of information around each student. No two students are alike, and their unique characteristics and needs can be vastly different. Some students absorb information quickly, others more gradually, needing to check things out more than once before they become familiar. Others fall in between and the School needs to flex to suit all levels of understanding.

The Transition Process is a constantly evolving one and, thus, is always a work in progress. This is as it should be to ensure our processes always meet our students’ needs.

May you and your families receive God’s richest blessings for the year ahead, may it be a wonderful year for all.

Briony Carman
Head of Middle School

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Year 8 Camp

From the 8-11 February, the Year 8 cohort went on camp to Adare Campsite in Victor Harbor. The camp was filled with fun activities run by Beyond Limits, such as bodyboarding, raft building, bike riding, obstacle courses, kayaking, the 13m Flying Kiwi, and many others. On camp the year level was spilt into 12 tribes, each tribe was competing to get the most points by the end of camp, and ‘Sir Carries’ took the lead scoring over 10,000 points. Each night four tribes were given the opportunity to sleep in a tent for a night, and although it was rough, as birds can be really loud, the night was great! Camp was so exciting; we were given lots of new opportunities to learn and develop new skills, friendships and have fun.

By Mae 8MNAG

Please note: Students who have misplaced any items they took to Year 8 Camp are asked to speak to staff at the Student Services Office (SSO) as there are a number of 'lost property' items awaiting collection.

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Valentine's Day Heart Foundation Fundraiser

The Valentine’s Day fundraiser was a huge success! We were able to fundraise for the Heart Foundation through the sale of roses, friendship Freddos, cuddly koalas and singing telegrams!

Thank you to all the students who got around the cause. The day would not have been successful without you! A special thanks goes to Mr Watkins, the winner of the mass singing telegram, as well as the Year 12 cohort for their participation in the singing telegrams and distribution of chocolates and roses!

Hana 12RSOM
School Captain

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Year 12 Pastoral Care

Tuesday of Week 2 saw the Year 12 Parent/Home Class/Subject Teacher information evening take place. Parents were able to meet their son/ daughter's Home Class teacher as well as all subject teachers.

During our Year 12 Assembly in Week 2, some Old Concordians from 2020 - Alex Maddaford, Jessica Chew, Luke Fenwick, Ethan Hurn, Sarah Harper, Kiralee Lockwood, Sam Homburg, Josh Cook and Angus Lewis - gave their insight into how best to prepare for Year 12. We thank them for their presentation on ‘what it was like setting achievable short and long term goals from the start of Year 12' and 'how they were able to achieve their goals and gain the ATAR that they required to gain entry into the University course they desired’. It was also amazing to hear what some of our Old Concordians have been up to since they finished school back in November 2020.

Shrove Tuesday was celebrated on Wednesday 10 February in the Atrium courtyard with the Home Class Deputies cooking up a feast of pancakes and the entire year level enjoying the great culinary delights. 

We look forward to the Year 12 Retreat which is being held at Nunyara Conference Centre, Belair, from Wednesday to Friday 17 to 19 March. Arrival time is between 8 and 8.30 on Wednesday morning and the Retreat will conclude at 1.00pm on Friday. 

Mr Rick Sommariva
Year 12 Pastoral Leader

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Year 11 Brain Training

On Wednesday of Week 3, the Year 11 students attended the first of three “Brain Training” sessions. The session was presented by Penny Sih, a psychologist from Developing Minds Psychology and Education. This session, titled “Getting it Together”, focussed on strategies that students can use to establish routines and effective study habits, reduce procrastination and minimise distractions. Later in the year, the students will be participating in two further seminars, one focussed on “The Science of Learning and Memory” and the other focussed on “Managing Stress and Tough Times”. The sessions offer a range of practical suggestions for the students to consider, and the Year 11 Home Class teachers are looking forward to supporting the students to establish study routines and try different strategies to support their motivation, perseverance and resilience this year.

Judy Harris
Year 11 Pastoral Leader

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Year 9 Geography Biomes


The term doesn’t conjure associations as a topic of high interest…unless you get to revisit your Primary Years! Year 9 Geography students were tasked with constructing a biome model with an accompanying fact card in a single module. Additionally, they had to include a simulation of a weather event that could potentially interrupt the food production within the biome. The information from this lesson will be applied in coming weeks, as we prepare to visit the Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary as part of an integrated unit with Science.

Vanessa Narino-Terry
English and Humanities Teacher

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College Musical Preparations

We are really looking forward to the upcoming musical production of Beauty and the Beast. Thanks to all who are supporting this year’s musical, including the parents and staff who assisted with set painting last weekend! Ticket information will be coming soon – we hope you will join us for what is sure to be a fantastic show!

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Year 7 Family Gathering

On Friday, 12 February the Concordia P&F were excited to host the first College Community Event for 2021 - the Year 7 Family Gathering.

What a great way to celebrate the start of a new year and a new chapter for many of the Year 7 families!

There was a fantastic buzz in the Quad with close to 400 people attending the event. Families enjoyed gourmet pizza that was provided by Amore woodfired oven pizzas.

Following the welcome from our Principal and Head of Middle School, parents enjoyed a great opportunity to meet the Year 7 Home class teachers and other parents in a relaxed environment.

We were very grateful for the Concordia Concert Band who performed whilst guests arrived and we thank the wonderful volunteers who assisted in making the evening such a success. 

The P&F are really looking forward to continuing their support of the year level events scheduled for the remainder of 2021.

Angela Warrick
Community Engagmenet and Events

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Parenting Workshops

The City of Unley is offering two free parenting workshops with guest speaker Mark Le Messurier in March 2021. Click here for more information.

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Legal Studies Update

At the start of Week 2, some of the Year 12 Legal Studies students from the Class of 2020 were invited back to the College to share their insights and experiences with the 2021 class. They assisted them with their learning by giving some tips on how to gain maximum understanding, marks and greater value in certain aspects of the course. 

I would like to thank the Legal Studies class of 2020 for giving up their time to help this year's Legal Studies class. 

Due to COVID-19, the Year 11 and 12 Legal Studies classes will not attend the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts or Parliament House until further notice. Instead, they will be involved in mock trials and viewing Question Time during the SA Parliamentary Sitting Days.  

Rick Sommariva
Legal Studies Teacher

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SLASA Joan Brewer Award

Hajnalka Molloy SLASA Joan Brewer AwardThe SLASA Joan Brewer Award is made to a person giving outstanding service to teacher librarianship and/or school libraries in SA. Congratulations to Hajnalka Molloy (Concordia College), recipient of a SLASA 2021 Joan Brewer Award.

Tony Shillitoe
Digital Resources Manager

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