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From the Concordia Campus Director of Staff

White VeraIt is hard to believe we are already in Week 6. New staff this year have been working closely with experts in various areas to enable them to confidently step into their roles. They have very much appreciated their ongoing induction program which has focussed on College values, curriculum, assessment, approaches to supporting students, and lines of communication. Every teacher brings their individual approach to working with the students and new staff bring new perspectives. We are blessed to have staff who are genuinely passionate about their work and seek to share their love of learning and being part of the community with students. As a College, we are grateful for the breadth of experience within our teaching and support staff.

Continuing Position

  • Daniel Wood - Learning Leader – Language, Literature & Societies
  • Nathan Shrowder – Learning Leader – Personal Development
  • Zoe Tidemann – Head of Drama
  • Maggie Gu - Chinese Language Program Coordinator
  • Hajnalka Molloy - Learning Resources Manager
  • Lee Pfitzner – Music Teacher
  • Rachael Bennett – Humanities & Christian Studies Teacher
  • Jodie Escott – Director of Community Relations
  • Olivia Hocking – Finance Manager
  • Ryan Schrapel – ICT Technician
  • William Lovell – Design, Tech & Engineering Technician

Fixed-Term position

  • Mark Rathjen - Acting Assistant Head to Middle School
  • Suzanne Martin – Humanities & English
  • Mukesh Nagpal – Mathematics & Science Teacher
  • Rowan Brown – Design, Tech & Engineering Teacher Semester 1
  • Emily Byrne – Psychology & Mathematics Teacher Term 1
  • Charles Worthington – Visual Art Teacher Term 1
  • Leah Clifford – Receptionist
  • Ben Klingberg – Youth Worker

Vera White
Director of Staff - Concordia Campus

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Senior School serving at The Magdalene Centre

On the Saturday, 20 February, the Student Leaders prepared and served dinner to patrons at The Magdalene Centre. 

The mission of the Saturday night dinner is not necessarily to feed people who are homeless but rather to combat loneliness by providing community and food for those in need around the city's CBD.

The night was a huge success and the Student Leaders had great fun cooking and helping the community. Thank you to the school community for your donations of money, food and clothing; they were greatly appreciated. Special thanks to Wendy McLeod and Liann Tape for organising the event and providing this opportunity for the Student Leaders.

Damon Turczynowicz 12CFIN
Student Leader

  • IMG 3939
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Navigating the Concordia Digital World

College digital resources exist to engage students, teachers and parents in the learning process, and for parents to be involved we provide access to student learning and information through several sites.

Concordia Connected Learning

We provide a general website devoted to parents and students, where you can learn how to use a variety of the digital resources made available by the College. This is a good reference place for you and your students to find guides, policies and information, especially how to open SEQTA or Managebac if you have forgotten how to do so. This site is linked from all of the other sites mentioned below. The site is updated every semester.

SEQTA Engage Parent Portal

At this URL location, you will open a login page for the College SEQTA Engage site, which allows you to access a broad range of information and services. Through Engage you can update family information and make payments. By 2022, you will be able to check student progress through the same portal for Middle and Senior School. To access the site, use the FORGOT PASSWORD link. Your login ID is the email address you supplied to Concordia and you then create your own password.


ManageBac is currently used across the College to share student learning tasks, progress and reports. You should have received an email inviting you to login at the start of the school year. However, if you didn’t, or if you have lost the email, please access the site by following the link above and use the FORGOT PASSWORD link. Your login ID is the email address you supplied to Concordia and you then create your own password.

College Website Parent Portal

A parent portal is available on the College website – By clicking on the padlock icon, access to the Parent Portal is via a username and password you will have received in an earlier 'College communications' email this year. If you did not receive the information, or have misplaced the login details, please contact Reception.

Please feel free to contact the College Reception on 08 8272 0444 for general login assistance, or myself via email for more specific matters.

Tony Shillitoe
ICT Manager

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World-Renowned Australian Playwright visits Year 12 English

As part of our English Literary Studies class’ study of his play ‘Things I Know to be True’, world-renowned playwright and South Australian local, Andrew Bovell, visited Concordia College to present a one-hour tutorial on his play, along with engaging in a Q&A session with students. While text analysis in the English classroom is often focussed on deciphering the author’s meaning and intention in the creation of their text, it is rare – and very exciting – to have the chance to actually hear the author speak directly about their creative process. The students engaged with curiosity and excitement during Andrew’s presentation, asking thoughtful questions to assist them with their writing on the play. It was a pleasure to have such a brilliant writer in our midst. 

Daniel Wood
Learning Leader - Language, Literature and Societies | Senior English Teacher

  • Andrew Bovell Playwright Visit 031
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Adelaide Youth Leadership Conference

Recently, a number of students attended the Adelaide Youth Leadership Conference. Below are reflections from some of our student attendees.

On the Monday, 1 March, the Student Leaders and Year 9 Ambassadors attended the Adelaide Youth Leadership Conference at the Adelaide Convention Centre. We learned about resilience, public speaking and teamwork, amongst many other skills relevant to leadership within the College. Multiple guest speakers from around Australia shared their experiences in their leadership roles, passing on their knowledge and understanding about the requirements of a successful leader. The day was beneficial in expanding our idea of what leadership looks like in different environments. - Student Leaders

On Monday, 1 March, eight Year 9 students and the Year 12 Student Leaders attended the Adelaide Convention Centre to take part in a day-long student leadership conference. Students had the opportunity to listen to three speakers talk about their life and how they have learned leadership skills to get where they are today. Students enjoyed learning about kindness cards they were given and hearing stories about overcoming challenges and fears. The day was enjoyed by everyone as it was very interactive and engaging. The students were asked to take away the messages of leadership and share them with the greater community. Some of the key points to remember are: when an opportunity comes up, take it; don’t be afraid to try something new that puts you out of your comfort zone; and, our differences are our greatest asset. - Angela 9ZTID

  • Youth Leadership Conference 01
  • Youth Leadership Conference 02
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Concordia College Chess Club

Chess is thriving at Concordia College! On a Tuesday lunchtime, many students from Years 7 to 12 can be found at Chess Club, engaging in friendly competition and developing their strategies and knowledge of the game. Interest has been so strong this year, in fact, that it has been necessary to purchase extra chess sets! Supervising staff Mr Gaskin and Frau Harris have also been joined by Bailey Paior-Smith (Old Concordian from the Class of 2020). Various studies have shown that chess enhances brain development in a multitude of areas, including memory, processing speed, and strategic and critical thinking. Chess Club also offers students an opportunity to develop their skills in a relaxed environment and make new friends, both within and outside of their own year level. All students are welcome to attend Chess Club, whether they are experts or total beginners. If students wish, they also have the opportunity to play in the inter-school chess competition in Terms 2 and 3, and we are looking forward to forming teams later this term.

Judy Harris
Chess Club Coordinator

  • Chess Club T12021 006
  • Chess Club T12021 011
  • Chess Club T12021 025
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Congratulations Paul Bannister, recipient of the Noel Volk Award

Bannister PaulConcordia congratulates Paul Bannister, Director of Student Learning at the Concordia Campus, who recently received a Noel Volk Award from AISSA. These awards are presented to individuals who have given outstanding service to AISSA and/or its member schools. 

Paul's award citation can be found below:

Paul has been a highly regarded contributor and leader to the sector in both his role as Chair of the Secondary Curriculum Reference Group and his involvement in the AISSA Leadership Program. He recently completed a three‑year tenure as Chair of the SCRG and has generously shared much of his school’s progressive work with members of the sector in a range of settings. He has also been engaged in teaching and learning initiatives as a ‘first mover’ in areas often recognised as challenging and difficult to change and has willingly shared his learning with interested schools.

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