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From the St John's Campus Principal

Change, Challenge and College Culture

Paech MichaelLast year was certainly a challenging year and I think we are all happy that it is behind us. As we now move into 2021, while still maintaining appropriate levels of caution, we are certainly optimistic about being able to re-engage with our Strategic Plans and associated initiatives for the future.

Our Leadership Team here at the St John’s Campus has recently spent time with an organisational psychologist. Through these sessions, we have been considering how best to manage the realities of a rapidly changing world, with its associated uncertainties, while still moving forward with a clear sense of purpose and direction.

The organisational psychologist we are working with has focussed our attention on the important balance that needs to exist between our strategy for the future development of the College (what we are planning to do) and our culture (how we do what we do). We believe we are better positioned to manage the planned changes ahead when these two factors are in healthy balance. While planning and strategy are needed for success – mapping out the pathway ahead – intentionally working on our culture helps ensure we walk that road in a way that is consistent with our identity as a caring, Christian school community, by ensuring we are always guided by clear values.

These sessions focussing on culture have led to a process whereby the broader St John’s Campus staff will now reflect on the values that underpin our culture, with a focus on how these values can assist us to work together cohesively while managing change. A similar process has also been happening at our Concordia Campus (Years 7 to 12) and we look forward to seeing a synthesis of our combined thinking once all staff have had the opportunity to contribute. 

During my time at Concordia I have always been drawn to our College motto,

‘Firm in Principle, Gentle in Manner’. For me this motto captures beautifully the essence of who we are and how we do what we do. My prayer is that we will continue to honour and reflect our motto in both word and deed as we journey together into an exciting future.

Michael Paech
Principal – St John’s Campus

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Year 3 Bibles

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. - Psalm 119:105

After Chapel last week, we had the honour of presenting the Year 3s with the gift of their own Bible. This Bible will be used throughout their school years at St John’s Campus.

Our prayer is that their new Bibles will be a compass to guide them throughout their lives, a hope in times of despair, a source of wisdom in times of questions, a celebration in times of joy, a comfort in times of troubles and a life-long discovery of the endless love and grace that God has for each and every one of them.

Daniel Keylock and Caitlin Wilk
Year 3 Teachers

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  • Year3 Bibles
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Year 6 German Excursion
Los nach Hahndorf und zum Markt!!!

On Tuesday, 23 February, the Year 6 classes took part in a cultural learning experience, visiting Hahndorf for a historical walk and tour of the famous town and visiting the Central Market for an in-depth multicultural tour. At the Central Market, the focus was on locating a wide variety of German and other multicultural foods and some groups were fortunate enough to meet several German-speaking stallholders. The experience was organised as part of our ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’ inquiry.

Students were able to see the impact migrants have had on South Australia since the arrival of the first German settlers in the 1830s through architecture as well as through anecdotal stories of migrants and their plight. The experience of visiting the Central Market enabled students to try a variety of foods from different cultures and learn in greater depth how these continue to shape and influence our culture as a whole.

Jane Graham
German Teacher

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ELC, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 Parent Event

We loved welcoming parents of our ELC, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 students to the College last Friday evening for a parent get together over some gourmet wood oven pizza. Thanks to all who attended for making it a wonderful evening!

We now look forward to the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 parent event on Friday, 28 May. Further details coming soon.

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