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From the Community Carer

Harmony Week

It has been a delight for the students and staff at the St John’s Campus to acknowledge Harmony Week for the first time this year!

Harmony Week (15-21 March) is an Australian Government program that centres on the message that “Everyone belongs”, reinforcing the importance of inclusiveness to all Australians. Harmony Day began in 1999, coinciding with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The St John’s Campus staff and students will mark Harmony Day on Friday, 20 March by wearing the colour orange or traditional/cultural clothes. Throughout Harmony Week, students have participated in various class-based activities that celebrate our cultural diversity, inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Each class approached the themes of Harmony Week in their own special ways. Some have studied Australia’s immigration history while others have explored values such as kindness, acceptance and our common humanity and produced wonderful pieces of art for a Community Art Project. Across the Campus we have displayed our students' themed artwork, read stories and learnt more about our own cultural heritage.

The theme of Harmony Weeks fits in well with our Christian values of love and compassion for all people. We believe that everyone is made uniquely and loved by God. These themes have been integrated into devotions for classes and staff, Christian Studies as well as Art and Music.

Harmony Week has helped us to respect and appreciate each other and build community, both within our classrooms and as a whole school. We have also connected to our own and other cultures and to other countries. It has been an opportunity to celebrate and understand our identity and history, to have fun together and send a message that everyone belongs at Concordia.

Harmony Week also creates opportunities for all of us to think, talk about and recognise how our differences make Australia a great place to live.

Did you know?

  • Over the last 70 years more than seven and a half million migrants have made Australia their home.
  • Nearly half of Australians were born overseas or have a parent who was.
  • People from over 200 countries make up our Australian community and over 300 languages are spoken in our homes.
  • Apart from English, the most common languages spoken in Australia are: Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, Tagalog/Filipino, Hindi, Spanish and Punjabi.

Tamara Martin

  • Harmony Day
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St John's Campus Sports Day

The Sports Day Committee trusts that everyone had a fantastic day on Friday, 6 March! The weather was a lot cooler for a change, and everyone participated in the spirit of the event! Thank you to all the parents, staff, House Captains and other helpers for your support before, during and after Sports Day.


  1. Winchester (1005)
  2. Highgate (998)
  3. Malvern (912)
  4. Cheltenham (850) 

Nicole Fielke
ELC – Year 6 PE Teacher and Sports Coordinator

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Year 4 Camp

On 11-13 March, both Year 4 classes enjoyed the Resilience and Team Building Camp with Active Ed at the Woodhouse Campsite in Piccadilly. Here are some of their comments about their time on camp.

The food was awesome and unbelievable - especially dessert! - Joey and Philip

The obstacles we had to climb over were challenging, especially the rope swing over the water. - Sophie L

The Mousetrap was the best! Dark and fun! - Mason

I loved Challenge Hill, especially the Flying Fox and the food was awesome! - Olivia T

The Trivia Quiz Mr. Robertson gave us was competitive and lots of fun. You really had to put your minds together and think. - Christian

The string puzzle was challenging and we got to keep the one we made. - Noah

The water activities were fun, exciting and WET! - Grace

I loved the fast Flying Fox. It bounced and you could do races. - Julia

Libby Reu & Anita Ruggiero
Year 4 Classroom Teachers

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  • Year 4 Camp
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