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From the Concordia Campus Principal

Weinert Paul

Values and Culture

The stresses of 2020 gave cause for reflection among the Senior Leadership Team, who engaged in many meetings and actions focussed on improving school community wellbeing and general support strategies. These meetings generated an exploration of the connection between school culture and staff wellbeing.

A carefully nurtured positive work culture results in higher levels of motivation and effort from the people within a school setting, and has been shown through a myriad of research to drive higher levels of teacher effectiveness. Cultural elements, such as the working environment, school ethos and relationships between colleagues, can also significantly influence employee wellbeing. This can then affect the frequency of absence, retention rates and the quality of relationships between students and staff.

This exploration of workplace culture by the Senior Leadership Team encouraged Michael and I to engage organisational psychologist Darryl Cross to assist us to delve deeper into what drives a positive school culture, and we began a discussion about specific strategies. In turn, this led to workplace culture workshops with staff and student leaders. It was pleasing to note the positive feedback from participants who clearly valued the opportunity to hear Darryl’s message and participate in what could be seen as a reframing of our approach to College culture.

The culminating values and associated positive behaviours exercise during the workshop have generated a new Values and Culture Charter which is a central reference point as we seek to promote behaviours that strengthen our focus on a supportive work culture. 

The key values within this framework are as follows:

Staff Values 

We are so blessed at Concordia to have such a caring culture which places forgiveness and grace firmly at the centre of relationships; however, we should never take this for granted as managing culture is not a one-off event, but a continuous and ongoing effort that must be integrated into all aspects of school life.

Paul Weinert
Principal - Concordia Campus

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Staff Announcement

Carman BrionyIt is with a heavy heart that I announce the retirement of the Head of Middle School, Briony Carman.

Briony has given 17 years of outstanding service to Concordia College and 26 years of dedicated service to Lutheran education. 

Briony’s deeply caring, pastoral approach to Middle Schooling will leave a lasting legacy at the College. Her priority is always the student and she places relationships with students and their families at the centre of decision making.

Her pedagogical and personal approach truly embodies our College motto: Firm in Principle, Gentle in Manner.

Briony will continue to work as the Head of Middle School until the end of 2021.

We wish Briony and her family all the best for the future.

Paul Weinert
Principal - Concordia Campus

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ALWS Walk My Way 2021

Walk My Way – Thank you!

On Saturday 1 May, approximately 90 intrepid Concordia walkers, including students, staff and parents, strolled 26km through the picturesque Barossa Valley in support of Walk My Way. We had a great day; the weather was kind and the Barossa beautiful. We were well looked after with water, lunch, tasty treats and even serenaded by a solo cellist under the gums.

It was good to see and hear the encouragement and support between Concordia people, especially as the walk got harder and the feet more tender. We may have sore feet and legs this week, but hopefully also a feeling of accomplishment for completing our goal of either 13 or 26km.  More so, I hope we have a thankfulness for the money raised to help the children in East Africa to have an education which can prove to be life changing for many. At last count Concordia has raised over $18,500 and nearly $215,000 has been raised overall by the event. Unfortunately, we had a few students, staff and parents who had who had signed up but were unable to participate due to sickness, injury and other commitments, but we appreciate your willingness to be involved and your donations. You were still part of ‘Team Concordia’. Thanks so much to all of the Concordia community who supported our team with encouragement and especially donations. 

A special thank you to the staff from both campuses who attended and gave a day to not only do the walk but be ‘on duty’ to care for our kids - it is greatly appreciated. In particular, thanks to Mrs Jane Graham (St Johns Campus) who got the Walk My Way ball rolling last term and has also helped organise a smaller Walk My Way event for the St John's church community around the streets of Unley. For the record, the Principal of Cornerstone College graciously wore a Concordia rugby top all day in recognition of Concordia winning the informal intercollegiate ‘most-participants competition’ prize. Mr Weinert was most grateful.

Mark Rathjen
Acting Assistant Head of Middle School

  • Walk My Way 2021 M Rathjen 001
  • Walk My Way 2021 D Gosden 001
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  • walk my way
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Mother's Day Breakfast

Damien on Fisher was abuzz from 7.45am this morning when around 140 students, mums, grandmothers and special friends enjoyed a delicious coffee and breakfast. 

We were privileged to hear an inspiring talk by guest speaker, Shannon Blyth, a current Concordia parent and international fashion designer who spoke about her journey and challenges upon arriving in Australia only nine years ago and the evolution of her label and fashion collections.

Guests also enjoyed a wonderful performance by the Concordia College McKenzie Jazz Choir and a lovely message from our School Captain Hana Ireland, who acknowledged the incredible role and influence mothers have in the lives of their children.

We thank all who attended for helping to make this a wonderful College-wide celebration of the love, care, wisdom, beauty and strength of the mothers, grandmothers and special friends in our community. To all of the mothers and grandmothers, we wish you a wonderful and very happy Mother's Day on Sunday.

Angela Warrick
Community Engagement & Events

  • Mothers Day Breakfast 21 014
  • Mothers Day 2
  • Mothers Day Breakfast 21 016
  • Mothers Day 1
  • Mothers Day Breakfast 21 040
  • Mothers Day 3
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Easter, New Life and Excitement in Yangadlitya

Between Easter and the final day of Term 1, the Yangadlitya Resource Centre was bursting with new life as 13 cute and cuddly baby chickens cracked through their shells and broke out into the world – a poignant reminder of the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday, leaving behind an empty tomb. The chickens were incredibly popular with staff and students, including many visitors from our Primary School campus. After a busy few days enjoying the attention they received in the Resource Centre, they have now retired to a quieter upbringing and life outside of Concordia, having been adopted by one of our staff members. Though it was sad to say goodbye, we take heart knowing that they will be a blessing in their new surroundings, contributing to environmental sustainability by managing household waste, creating fertiliser, eating garden pests and, of course, producing eggs. The Yangadlitya Resource Centre is always a wonderful place to be and we look forward to more exciting happenings in the months ahead!

Hajnalka Molloy
Learning Resources Manager

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Music Notes

Big Bands excursion to The Lab

On Friday, 29 April, the members of Big Bands 1, 2 and 3 travelled to Adelaide’s newest and funkiest performance venue, The Lab (on Light Square). It was here the students witnessed two-hour long sessions of a 24-hour performance by creative and musical genius Adam Page. Director of Concordia’s Big Band 1, Adam began his solo concert 18 hours prior to our arrival and was still fervently performing his improvised music for a further four hours after we left.

It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to witness a truly unique concert and I’m sure one they will long remember.

Year 7 Music Class playing Gamelan

An important part of our Music curriculum at Concordia is experiencing different styles of music as well as the music of other cultures. One very tangible way of doing this was demonstrated by one of our Year 7 classes this week when they were introduced to the Indonesian Gamelan Orchestra. They made a beautiful sound together whilst gaining an appreciation of a very different method of creating music.

Mat Noble
Director of Music


  • Adam Page 24hr performance
  • Year 7 Music class playing Gamelan 2
  • Year 7 Music class playing Gamelan 1
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2021 Career Events for Students and Parents

Adelaide Careers and Employment Expo – Adelaide Showgrounds

  • Friday 7 May – 1.00pm – 4.00pm
  • Saturday 8 May – 9.00am – 4.00pm

Visit the expo website for more information or to register and click on the Visitor Info to view the education and training organisations that are represented.

2021 University Open Days

University Open Days are excellent opportunities to learn about various degree options and subsequent career pathways from people who are engaged in your preferred degree. Find out what university is all about.

Kerry Turner
Careers and Pathways Advisor

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Year 12 Drama 'School Dance' - book your tickets today

Year 12 Drama students will be performing their production of ‘School Dance’ by Matthew Whittet in Week 3. This entertaining coming-of-age story centres around three awkward teenage boys waiting nervously outside their school dance. The characters are fun and audiences will enjoy their dorky dance moves!

Join us in the Drama Centre on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 May for what is sure to be a night of great entertainment.

Book online

Please note: this play has a PG rating and is not suitable for young audiences.

  • Year 12 Drama 2021 School Dance LandscapeAV
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French end of term celebration! By Madame Entraigues

Year 12 students were thrilled to end Term 1 learning the technique of making the thinnest possible crepes, sprinkled with sugar and lemon, or homemade pear jam. They also made the regular after school snack of French toast, traditionally using up stale bread which best soaks up the egg and milk. Both were immediately devoured, sending students satisfied into the holidays.

  • Year 12 French Crepe Making
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Year 10 Big Day Out to Morialta Conservation Park

On Wednesday 7 April, the Year 10 cohort travelled to Mukanthi Nature Playspace and Morialta Conservation Park to spend the day connecting with each other, building relationships beyond immediate friendship groups and testing individual resilience skills in a range of challenging activities. 

Working in small groups, students were required to independently plan a two-hour hike to specific destinations within the park. Each member decided on a role to undertake, such as navigator, team leader, risk assessor, group motivator, first aid officer, etc. This provided students with the opportunity to lead and encouraged problem solving skills in an unknown environment.

With the intention of the day very clear, students then reflected on the walk in relation to what they had learnt and how they can react to challenging situations back at school and in their future experiences.

A range of fun group dynamics activities were played which rounded out a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding day.

Rachel Paterson
Year 10 Pastoral Leader

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English at Concordia

Every year, a wide range of opportunities are available to students at Concordia who would like to extend and enrich their learning in the area of English. We have curated a website to store a selection of these opportunities. There are many writing, poetry and public speaking competitions available. In addition to this, the school offers students the chance to take part in the Premier’s Reading Challenge as well as the Concordia 26 Book Challenge. This Weebly site will become a great starting point for all students who wish to keep up to date with the latest news from the English Department. Over time, library staff will also add information about exciting new books and library opportunities. A link to this Weebly site can also be found on our Concordia College library’s AccessIT homepage. 

Feel free to explore the site at:

Chris Finch
Head of English

Emma Rieger
Enrichment and extension

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Parenting Workshops presented by Fullarton Park Community Centre

Fullarton Park Community Centre is presenting two parenting sessions in May, which may be of interest. Please find a brief overview below and visit the 'Parenting Resources' page within the parent portal for more details.

Mark Le Messurier's Parent Discussion Group

10am to 12pm on Wednesday 19 May, 2021

Well-known teacher, counsellor, author and speaker Mark Le Messurier will be running a parent discussion group at Fullarton Park Community Centre on the topic of: Let's get personal and place Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) into a healthy and real perspective.

Please note: Bookings are essential and places are limited due to COVID-19. To register, email Pam Dale at the City of Unley. 

Managing Your Stress as a Parent

7pm to 8.30pm on Monday 24 May, 2021

A free parent education session, funded by the Department of Human Services, will be held on Monday 24 May featuring Madhavi Nawana Parker. This session will teach practical tools to get on top of the challenges so you can truly love and get the most out of parenting, in an environment of connection and joy.

Please note: Bookings are essential and places are limited due to COVID-19. To register, email Pam Dale at the City of Unley. Please advise Pam if you are unable to attend as there may be a wait list. QR codes apply.

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CC Cafe - Autumn Canteen Menu

Part of the learning process for our Middle and Senior School students is to be able to make their way to the canteen at recess or lunchtime, select their preferred food and purchase at the register either with cash or card.

Once our students are at Concordia Campus, we aim to share real-world experiences which include purchasing directly at the canteen. We hope to share a new and simple cashless payment system for our Middle and Senior School students in the near future.

Download the Autumn 2021 menu

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Winter Uniform Reminder

A reminder that the uniform transition period is closing on Friday, 7 May. Please note that from Monday 10 May, all students are required to wear winter uniform. To familiarise yourself with winter uniform requirements, please refer to the Concordia Campus Uniform Information.

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Old Concordians' Association Reunions

On Thursday 29 April, Old Concordians residing in Canberra gathered for a fantastic evening of catching up with new and old friends from Concordia. It was the first reunion held in Canberra, but it certainly won’t be the last!

The following evening, an enthusiastic group of Old Concordians enjoyed catching up at our Syndey reunion.

Thanks to all who attended these events! We are now looking forward to the Old Concordians' Association 70+ Reunion as well as the next instalment in our Graduate Transition Program, providing valuable information and an opportunity to stay connected for our recent graduates.

  • OCA Canberra 2021 01
  • Sydney Reunion 0421
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