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Open KO Football Round 1 Results

In the opening game, Heathfield High School 10.7 (67) defeated Concordia 7.4 (46).

Concordia Goal Kickers: Eddie H-F (2), Oli G (2), Brad W (1), Jack P (1), Josh G (1).
Best Players: James L, Oli G, Brad W, Zac G, Oli L, Eddie H-F, Jack P, Josh G.

In game two, Heathfield High School 4.10 (34) defeated Blackwood High School 4.7 (31).

In the final game, Concordia 7.4 (46) defeated Blackwood High School 6.9 (45).

Goal Kickers: Brad W (4), Ben P (2), Oli G (1).
Best Players: Brad W, Sean M, Wil Z, Eddie H-F, Oli G, Oli L, James L.

After winning two of the three games, Heathfield progresses to the next round. With no more KO Football for 2018, we will now focus on the weekly Wednesday afternoon competition.

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SAPSASA Netball Round 1

The SAPSASA Knockout Netball Team enjoyed success in both of their matches yesterday, winning their first game by 20 points and playing with determination all the way to the final siren in a tight second match which resulted in a one-point victory. Well done to the girls involved. We wish them all the best for the next round!

  • Netball 0212 ai
  • Netball 0068 ai
  • Netball 0197 ai
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St John's Campus Sports Results

Tuesday 8 May

Concordia Cats defeated by Linden Park Maroon Lion: 24 - 2. It was Concordia Cats first game ever and they lost, but they put in a good effort. The team cheered when Oliver S scored the team's only goal.

Thursday 10 May

Concordia Cannons defeated Burnside Sharks: 32 - 8. Great team effort by all players.
Concordia Cavaliers defeated Unley Rockets: 36 - 24. 

Tuesday 15 May

Concordia Cats defeated by Unley Eagles: 2 – 26. The team is improving which is great to see. 
Concordia Celtics defeated Burnside Rockets: 10 – 0. A very exciting win for our second game and a great team effort from all of the players!

Thursday 17 May

Concordia Cavaliers defeated St Joseph’s Kingswood: 44 - 4.
Concordia Cannons defeated Linden Park Red: 42 - 8. Great effort by Leon and James P. Well done to all players.


Tuesday 8 May

Concordia Year 5/6 Girls Football team defeated by Linden Park: 6.11 (47) - 5.2 (32).

Saturday 12 May

Concordia Year 4/5 Football team defeated Rose Park Primary School: 7.10 (52) - 1.3 (9).
Concordia/Glen Osmond Year 6/7 Football team defeated by Coromandel Valley: 0.0 (0) - 8.13 (61).


Monday 7 May

Concordia Cats defeated by Unley Flames: 2 - 30.

Monday 14 May

Concordia Cats defeated by St Therese: 4 - 34.


Saturday 19 May

Concordia U9 drew with Hawthorndene: 1 - 1.
Concordia UP defeated by Seaview: 2 - 3. Goal Scorers: Lachlan B, Lucas H.

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Concordia Campus Sports Results

Wednesday 9 May

Concordia Year 7A Boys defeated Burnside by about 30 points. Best Players: Griffin T, Noah P, Sam W.

Saturday 12 May

Concordia Senior C Boys defeated by Trinity College: 27 - 74. Goal Scorers: Corey W 10, Noah B 6, Jet W 6. Best Players: Corey W, Noah B, Will H.
Concordia Senior B Boys defeated by Trinity College: 19 - 98. Goal Scorers: Angus M 6, Angus M 6, Alex L 4. Best Players: Angus M, Angus M, Jack S.
Concordia Senior A Boys defeated by Trinity College: 43 - 97. Goal Scorers: Jacob M 14, Ben P 7, Luis G 6. Best Players: Jacob M, Sam H, Ben P.
Concordia Middle A Boys defeated Trinity by 3 points. Best Players: Noah E, Sam K.

Wednesday 16 May

Concordia Year 7A Boys defeated Linden Park: 49 – 8. Goal Scorers: Sam W 13, Griffin T 10,  Ethan B 7, Gerrit L 6, Ben P 6, Jacob H 5, James R 2. Best Players: Sam W, Griffin T, Ben P. 

Concordia Year 7B Boys defeated Mercedes: 22 - 2. Goal Scorers: James P. Best Players: James P, Nick I, Joe S.

Saturday 19 May

Concordia Middle A Boys defeated St Peter's: 44 – 39. Goal Scorers: Isaac H 15, Ben D 11, Sam K 7,  Noah D 7, Tom M 3, Dan 1. Best Players: Isaac H, Tom M. 
Concordia Senior C Boys defeated by St Peter's: 24 – 47. Goal Scorers: Corey W 8, Noah B 6, Luke B/Sam S/Nick S 3, Will H 1. Best Players: Corey W, Luke B, Nick S.
Concordia Senior B Boys defeated by St Peter's: 21 – 49. Goal Scorers: Jack S 10, Hauley/Alex L/Brodie H/Angus McF/Angus M 2, James H 1. Best Players: Jack S, Alex L, Brodie H.
Concordia Senior A Boys defeated by St Peter's: 26 – 52. Goal Scorers: Jacob M 15, Ben P 3, Sam H/Lachlan F/Nathan P/William D 2. Best Players: Jacob M, Ben P.

Cross Country

Wednesday 16 May

Overall Place Category Place Name Category Time
20 2 Ava B Primary 7.51.69
55 5 Isabelle K Primary 9.08.91
87 2 Rachel H Senior 18.25.41
91 3 Natasha M Senior 18.59.20
24 1 Dylan B Senior 13.14.59


Wednesday 16 May

Concordia Year 8/9 defeated Blackwood High School: 8.10 (58) - 3.1 (19). Goal Kickers: Sam G 2, Tim C 1, Charlie F 1, Cody J 1, Jaden T M 1. Best Players: Charlie F, Judd C, Sam G, Cody J, Fletcher S, Jack S.


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