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From the Director of Digital Resources

Shillitoe Tony

I attended an English conference in 1984 where the then President of the South Australian English Teachers' Association, Trevor Temple, unveiled a Macintosh Plus computer and announced the future of learning. Amid ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ were voices condemning the fate of our future kids to living isolated lives behind computer screens disconnected from people: the art of communication will be lost.

Fast forward to 2021 where our children are connected to people potentially and actually all over the world, a time where parents and teachers are exploring how to understand and manage the ways children are immersed in digital communication. The art of communication was never lost, but the vehicles for communication changed dramatically and dynamically beyond anything we anticipated.

Humans have an ingrained capacity to shun or ban what isn’t familiar or well-known. This takes many forms, like xenophobia or simply unwillingness to learn new practices. When it comes to digital communication, some politicians, schools and communities think the best option is to ban students access to phones and apps for all kinds of reasons. However, our Concordia community believes first and foremost in learning and teaching communication skills. From ELC-12, we adopt a gradual and deliberate wellbeing and learning continuum that endeavours to address student access to, and understanding of, the advantages, risks and responsibilities of using phones, apps and the internet to communicate with family, friends and peers within the daily learning environment, and on the way to and from school. From a highly-protected and local digital environment within the Primary School, through a managed and supervised Middle School digital environment connected to a curated internet, to the Senior School where young adults interact with increasing sophistication and responsibility with the wider online world, our teachers educate our students to be responsible and savvy communicators online. More than ever in human history, we – teachers and parents – are responsible for ensuring our young people critically understand how, where, when, why and with whom communication can occur in myriad forms, in person and digitally.

Tony Shillitoe
Director of Digital Resources

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Year 11 Road Safety Awareness Program

On Thursday 6 May, the Year 11 students took part in a road safety awareness program run by the Metropolitan Fire Service. The students were taught about the types of behaviour that can cause road accidents, and through both simulated and real video footage they saw the devastating consequences that can result from a seemingly inconsequential action. The students also heard from road accident survivor Lachie; the innocent victim of another road user’s thoughtless action, he suffered extensive, permanent injuries, and his life was changed forever when his vehicle was hit by an unsecured mattress. Prior to the program, just over half of the cohort rated themselves as “risk takers” when it came to road use. Following the program, every student without exception indicated that they would now be a responsible road user. We are pleased that the students engaged so well in this valuable program.

Judy Harris
Year 11 Pastoral Leader

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Year 12 Drama Production - 'School Dance'

The Year 12 Drama class of 2021 hit the stage during Week 3 to perform their group production of ‘School Dance’ by Matthew Whittet. The play explored important teenage issues such as bullying and identity. Presented in the style of magical realism and physical theatre, the fantastical and at times far out nature of the play presented many challenges to the students involved. They rose to the challenge beautifully and can be proud of all that they’ve achieved with this production. Thank you to the staff and families who came along to see it – we hope you were entertained and not too traumatised by remembering your own awkward teenage years. Bravo Year 12s!

Emma Williams
Learning Leader - The Arts and Year 12 Drama Teacher

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Fish Tank Program

On Thursday 6 May, Alessandra 8SCOO had the opportunity to participate in the Fish Tank Program run by the Unley Council. She was one of eight finalists to compete for seed capital for her business. Alessandra’s business proposal was for a swimming program to help those with special needs and disabilities, as such programs are not available to people in the inner-southern region. While Alessandra did not win the competition, several panel members expressed an interest in her idea and we commend her for participating in the program.

Congratulations also to Old Concordian Dylan Quinn-Valentine who was awarded second prize in the senior category for 18 to 25-year-olds. Dylan's idea 'Student Abroad' seeks to care for international students when they first arrive in the country through the provision of essential items and helpful usage instructions. Another excellent idea!

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Concordia Recognised at SA German Teachers' Conference

Outstanding 2020 Results in SACE and IBDP

Concordia’s clean sweep in SACE and IBDP German for 2020 was recently recognised at the South Australian German Teachers’ Conference.

Sarah Harper addressed an audience of 75 German teachers in German, as she accepted her award for the highest mark for non-background speakers in SACE German. Sarah is now studying Physiotherapy at Adelaide University and had it not been for COVID-19 would have been in Germany visiting her former exchange partner.

Mihalis Kokkoni, presently studying Medicine in Brisbane, had his award for the equal highest mark in IBDP German accepted by his proud father. Sarah and Mihalis, for your positive attitudes, dedication and genuine love of learning, we warmly acknowledge and congratulate you!

Keeping the German language thriving – the South Australian German Exchange Program

Our very own Frau Held was honoured at the South Australian German Teachers’ Conference for her long-standing work as Coordinator of the SA German Exchange. Frau Held has contributed time and energy to the not-for-profit Exchange for well over two decades, and together with the committee has donated $10,000 to the South Australian German Teachers’ Association for an Exchange subsidy – this ensures that all South Australian students have access to the incredible immersion and cultural opportunities offered by the SA German Exchange. We thank Frau Held for her wonderful service and advocacy of the German language!

Kim Bennett
Head of Languages

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Yangadlitya Resource Centre News

Did you know?

Yangadlitya is a Kaurna word that means “into the future”. The “a” is pronounced like the “a” in Haka (with a short “u” sound).

Supporting all Readers

Dyslexia Friendly books – Blue Spot

We have been placing an emphasis on purchasing a broader range of books to suit students' interests and support them to overcome any reading challenges. As a part of this we have been purchasing “Dyslexia Friendly” books. These books have been printed in a particular font, format and page colour that supports some people with dyslexia and reading challenges. These books will have a blue spot on the spine for easy identification. They are high quality books suitable for all students (and adults), the text is simply gentler on the eye. We strongly encourage students with reading challenges to come to us and select “Dyslexia Friendly” books from retailer catalogues that we can then purchase for the library on their behalf. 

Wheelers Audio books & eBooks

A reminder that we have a fantastic range of eBooks and audiobooks available through the ePlatform app. This app can be found on students' laptops (via SEQTA – AccessIT – Wheelers ePlatform) or downloaded to a smartphone (by following the prompts and choosing “Concordia Senior College Library” as the library option). Audiobooks provide the opportunity to keep up with reading even while you are busy doing other tasks (e.g. household chores!) Both audio books and eBooks can support people with vision impairment and eBooks can be enlarged to a font size that meets your needs.

New Books

We have purchased a considerable number of new books in Term 1. Most of these were requested and recommended by students. Students are invited to come and have a look at our “New Books” display and our digital display to see the latest additions. Requests and recommendations are also welcomed and can be submitted via a shared document which was recently emailed to all students in Years 8 to 12.

Hajnalka Molloy
Learning Resources Manager

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Rostrum Voice of Youth

Lily (Year 9) and Emma Rieger at the Rostrum Voice of Youth competitionWell done to Lily (Year 9CRID) who recently competed in a Rostrum Voice of Youth Junior heat at Immanuel College. She presented a prepared six-minute speech, as well as a three minute short notice speech (with 15 minutes of preparation time.)

Lily spoke beautifully and won her heat. She will now proceed to the Rostrum SA/NT Semi Final to be held on 22 May 2021. We wish her all the very best as she proudly represents Concordia.

Emma Rieger
Extension and Enrichment

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Year 11s and Year 4s Walk Our Way

On Wednesday 19 May, our Year 11 students took part in a miniature version of the recent Walk My Way event, walking several laps of the oval along with the Year 4s.

Read the full story here

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National Volunteer Week

In honour of National Volunteer Week, a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the extraordinary volunteers in our community. Your support across the years continues to be invaluable and is a big part of what makes Concordia such a warm and welcoming community.

  • CC Volunteers Week
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