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From the Acting Deputy Principal

“How will we connect with our students as Mathematicians?”

Muldoon RachelThis was the provocation and driving question that teachers started the year with. As teachers, we value developing a positive culture in our learning environments, this was also important in the area of Mathematics. Providing opportunities to be playful with mathematics, encouraging curiosity about mathematics, inquiring into the story of Mathematics and exploring the different “drawers” of mathematics provided a solid foundation for the year of learning ahead.

Restructuring the yearly plan for teaching in this learning area has provided teachers with an alternative in implementing their learning programs. Through the introduction of daily number sessions, students have been exploring the rules of the Base 10 system, various ways to quantify, recalling facts and calculating problems. This continual number focus throughout the year will support our students in developing a deeper understanding of number and the ability to apply this in all mathematical situations.

Students have been involved in ‘number family’ hunts, sorting and classifying materials to develop effective noticing skills, and created their own individual learning plans to develop greater fluency and mastery of the number facts.

Teachers have continued to work closely with the Primary Mathematics Association, observing modelled lessons, collaboratively planning in teams, and continuing on their own learning journey as we explore best practice in teaching and learning mathematics.

Rachel Muldoon
Acting Deputy Principal - St John's Campus
Director of Teaching and Learning/PYP Coordinator - St John's Campus

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Year 1s visit Fern Avenue Community Garden

The Year 1s recently launched their “How the World Works” inquiry at the Fern Avenue Community Garden. The students began exploring how “Materials exist in different forms which determine how people use them.”

The Year 1 learners were given a bag of seeds and asked find the plant in the garden that these seeds grow into. It was wonderful to witness the collaboration, problem solving and communication that happened along the way.

Sharon Cosh, Rachel Harrip and Jasmin Bartlett
Year 1 Teachers

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Exploring Spirituality in Year 4

Christians believe that the presence of God can be seen and experienced in his created world and through the imagination. As a provocation, a Freestyle Dance Ministry troupe led the Year 4 cohort in a time of hip-hop, rap and freestyle dance with some of their favourite Christian artists. The children enjoyed learning a dance routine and sharing their own freestyle moves. The troupe took the time to share with us their faith journey and how they enjoy dance as an expression of their spirituality. Here are a couple student reflections to share…

'I felt so pumped up and energetic, somehow I was not hot and I was so excited about it…'

'I enjoyed the enthusiasm Jumping Justin and Dancing Dan showed, and I enjoyed the freestyle circle, and the story time about their faith journeys…'

'I enjoyed expressing myself in a fun way because it feels like we're praying to God through body language.'

Celina Read and Anita Ruggiero
Year 4 Teachers

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Year 4s and Year 11s Walk Our Way

As a last hoorah to Walk My Way 2021, the Year 11 students and the Year 4 students did a few quick laps around the school oval to further develop an understanding of what it is like to have to walk a long way to safety and freedom. Many of the people who arrive at the Kakuma Refugee Camp have walked for many days to find safety for their families. This mini version of the walk was designed to further enhance understanding and was also a great way for our senior students to connect with some of the primary students. A big thank you to all who organised and participated.

Anita Ruggiero
Year 4 Teacher

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National Volunteer Week

In honour of National Volunteer Week, a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the extraordinary volunteers in our community. Your support across the years continues to be invaluable and is a big part of what makes Concordia such a warm and welcoming community.

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Student Achievements

A big congratulations to Nick (Year 6B) who recently competed in the South Australian Gymnastics competition and was awarded first place for the Level 4 Open Category, making him the State Champion for Men's Level 4 Gymnastics.

Congratulations also to Teija (Year 4AR) who enjoyed competing in Taekwondo at the Gold Coast Open, with the following results: Family Poomsae - Gold, Individual Poomsae - Silver, Sparring - Silver, Jumping Front Kick - Bronze.

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