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From the Director of Staff

Teachers make a Difference

White VeraOn Saturday 26 May the Executive team, Curriculum Leaders, Education Committee members and members of the Board were led by Dr. Michael Bezzina to consider what future directions for learning might look like. This was the first of many conversations that will occur as we develop our new College Strategic Plan.

We hear much about how important school is, how significant the teacher is and that these factors, along with the home environment, all contribute to student outcomes. This is an area John Hattie and others have been exploring and the findings have impacted on teacher professional development plans, teacher training and strategic planning. What the findings also show is that the student is a major contributor to personal achievement – ‘…what the student brings to the table predicts achievement more than any other variable.’ (Hattie) Why the emphasis on teachers if this is the case? Teachers, expert teachers, can positively contribute to improving each student’s trajectory. How teachers interact with students, what they know and care about, is significant. As a College we focus on student outcomes through student well-being, ongoing and planned professional development, approaches to curriculum and future planning.

Vera White
Director of Staff - Concordia Campus


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Board Update and Future Learning
Concordia College Board Meeting

At the May meeting of our College Board, agenda items included:

  1. Presentations by School Leaders from both College campuses. In these presentations the leaders shared their reflections on school life within our respective campuses.
  2. Appointment of Mr Bruno Bellon as a new member to the College Foundation Board.
  3. Approval of a new Student Health, Safety and Welfare Drug Management Policy.
  4. Acceptance of the audited financial accounts for 2017.
  5. An update and discussion relating to the Concordia College Old Collegians (COCA) Strategic Planning processes.
Future Learning at Concordia Workshop

On Saturday 26 May, the Education Committee of the College Board and the joint Leadership/Executives from both campuses participated in a workshop to begin considering the next version of our School Improvement Plan (2019 – 2021). As we plan for future educational directions at Concordia we are committed to ensuring that we listen to the feedback and data that we have collected, consider the current research and forecasts about the future workplace that our students will be employed in, and build on the strong culture of care and support that we provide for our students.

The process that we have commenced will continue into next year and involve a wider range of stakeholders as we shape a clear direction for our learning and teaching program.

Paul Weinert
Principal - Concordia Campus

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

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Year 10 STEM Gliders

During Semester 1, the Year 10 STEM class has undertaken a unit on flight. After learning about the theoretical concepts relating to aerodynamics, students subsequently applied their knowledge to begin designing and prototyping their own balsa wood gliders. After thorough testing and refining, final designs were created using computer-aided design software, with each component laser cut, shaped and assembled ready for competition. Congratulations to Jeremy 10SKL who set a new record, with his glider flying for an impressive 14.9 seconds.

Shane Beitz
Head of Design & Technology

  • Yr10 STEM 0100 AI
  • Yr10 STEM 0330 AI
  • Yr10 STEM 0241 light AI
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Year 7 Home Class Challenge

On Friday 25 May, Year 7 students and their Home Class teachers took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to the oval to take part in a Home Class Challenge – the competition being tug-of-war.

For the first part, the five Home Classes divided into girls and boys teams from each class and then each had a turn at competing against each of the other Home Classes in a round robin competition.

The cheering and support provided for each team on the ropes was encouraging, very loud and provided an electrifying atmosphere.

The girls finished their contest first – with 7MGA winning overall, and 7KWA taking out second place. The girls were then able to then cheer on the boys from their Home Classes. After a tie-breaking event between 7KWA and 7LTHO, it was 7LTHO who took out first place in the boys competition.

We were all having so much fun that Mr Gaskin then set up a competition between the 1st place girls from 7MGA and 1st place boys from 7LTHO. While the contest was tightly fought, it was the girls from 7MGA who won the honours of being the strongest team on the day.

It was such a great Home Class Challenge, and one of the most important things we learned from the experience that morning was team work is so very important because when we worked together, we had the best outcomes!

Aliyah 7KWA and Oscar 7KWA

  • Yr7 Tug of War 0069 AI
  • Yr7 Tug of War 0203 AI
  • Yr7 Tug of War 0114 AI
  • Yr7 Tug of War 0309 AI
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Legal Studies

Year 11

On Thursday 15 May the Year 11 Legal Studies classes were involved in a full day workshop titled Justice Country.

The workshop allowed students to gain understanding via participating in learning activities, debates and role plays relating to law making processes, parliamentary democracy, constitutional government, ethical thinking and leadership, legislative process (statute law), origins of Australian law and more.

The Facilitator was Leo Keegan, a Sydney-based education consultant who has worked with teachers, students, parents and universities in Australia and overseas for many years.

By the end of the day the Year 11 students had been fully engaged in the process and had confidently expressed their opinions.

Year 12

On Monday 14 May the Year 12 class had the privilege of having the following members from the community come in to be interviewed in relation to the students' Inquiry Task. 

Melissa Yule
Adelta Legal - Solicitor

Mark Minarelli
Fox Tucker Lawyers - Solicitor

James Watson
Almeida + Associates Barristers and Solicitors

Ruth Beach
Lawyer & Mediator

Russel Jones
Fox Tucker Lawyers - Solicitor

Rick Sarre
Professor of Law and Criminal Justice
University of South Australia

To have all of these people in one room at the same time was exciting and I know the students gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge and insight from their expertise in being able to answer questions relating to the legal issues the students were investigating.

I wish to thank all the guest speakers so far this year and look forward to many more that will come into the Year 11 and 12 Legal Studies classes over the coming months. Legal Studies is a subject that Concordia students study with great interest and passion. It allows for honest discussion about contemporary legal issues.

Mr Rick Sommariva

  • Legal Studies 0023 AI
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Year 12 Food and Hospitality

Year 12 Food and Hospitality students have been busily creating an exciting array of “Artisanal” menu items this term. All offerings were made completely from scratch and used fresh produce from the College garden. Fun was had creating hand-churned cultured butter, handmade goat’s curd, haloumi, mascarpone, ricotta and vegan cheeses, beetroot, wattleseed and pumpkin breads, delicious sauces, pestos and jams, as well as handmade crumpets served with honeycomb from Mr. Currie’s bees!

Hannah Rosie
Food and Hospitality Teacher

  • Yr12 FoodHosp 1 AI
  • Yr12 FoodHosp 2 AI
  • Yr12 FoodHosp 3 AI
  • Yr12 FoodHosp 4 AI
  • Yr12 FoodHosp 5 AI
  • Yr12 FoodHosp 6 AI
  • Yr12 FoodHosp 7 AI
  • Yr12 FoodHosp 9 AI
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Year 8 'Paella & Platters' Parent Event

On Friday 25 May around 80 Year 8 parents gathered in The Suaviter for a wonderful cocktail-style evening of indulgent grazing platters and paella pans, all to a backdrop of live modern jazz-inspired music.

Many thanks to the Year 7 parents and P&F members who volunteered to assist with the set up and on the night. It was certainly a great way for parents to catch up and make some new connections.

Our next event is the Year 9 Greek-themed Parent Dinner to be hosted on Friday 22 June, and we invite Year 8 parents to come along and join the team ‘behind the scenes’.

Angela Warrick
Community Engagement and Events Officer

  • Yr8 Parent Dinner 0003 AI
  • Yr8 Parent Dinner 0004 AI
  • Yr8 Parent Dinner 0010 AI
  • Yr8 Parent Dinner 0045 AI
  • Yr8 Parent Dinner 0073 AI
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Senior School Careers Awareness Evening

Senior School students are invited to this year's Concordia College Careers Awareness Evening, to be held on Wednesday, 20 June 2018 at 6.15pm. The evening will involve old collegians and other volunteers (mentors) sharing their career journey, providing advice and the opportunity for students to develop networks.

For Year 10 students, attendance is a requirement of the Personal Learning Plan (PLP). Year 11 and 12 students may find benefit in attending, especially if they still require guidance in their future career directions. Attendance may also be beneficial for subject selections that will take place in early Term 3.

Following keynote presentations in the Chapel beginning at 6.15pm, students and parents will attend two 30-minute break-out sessions to gain a greater insight into career paths such as Building & Engineering, Law, Film Making, Medicine, Music, Teaching, Trades, Wine Making and many more.

For more information, email Mrs Fiona McAuliffe or Ms Annette Evangelistis

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Mary Magdalene Drop-In Centre

Each year, we are grateful to the many Concordia Campus families who prepare and donate pre-determined meals for those in need at the Mary Magdalene Drop-In Centre in the Adelaide CBD. Traditionally, the Senior School participate in Semester 1 and the Middle School in Semester 2.

This term the Centre is in need of some additional assistance and Concordia has been asked to provide an extra batch of meals which will need to be brought in to school by Thursday 21 June. We are hoping that Concordia Campus families from both Middle and Senior Schools will be able to help us in preparing these extra meals. An email containing recipes and a link to an online form will be circulated to families. If you are able to help, please let us know by completing the online form which will be circulated soon.

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Growth Mindset Parent Workshop

A reminder that parents of students at both Concordia College campuses are invited to a free Growth Mindset Parent Workshop on Thursday 14 June in the St John's Campus Hall, supported by the St John's Campus Parents and Friends. Drinks and nibbles will be served from 6.30pm, with the workshop beginning at 7pm.

This event is free, however we ask that you book your place by Friday, 8 June.

  • Growth Mindset Workshop ai
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Sheltered Walkway Project Update

In November 2017, Concordia received funding for a sheltered walkway between both campuses (adjacent to the oval and tennis courts) through the SA Government's Fund My Neighbourhood program. We are excited to announce that designs for the shelter have now been accepted.

Read an update on the project here.

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2018 Annual Appeal

Thanks to past donations to the Annual Appeal from parents and generous Concordia Community members, Concordia Campus has been able to provide new and upgraded buildings and equipment, and scholarships for our students.

Donations to the 2018 appeal will be allocated towards supporting the Concordia Foundation Indigenous Scholarship Fund or the construction of a shade structure for the Nautilus Centre Rooftop Deck.

To read more about this year's appeal, click here.

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Student Achievements

Congratulations to Jessie K 10SKL for Co-Captaining and being named MVP for the South Australian team in the U17 Nationals Softball competition held recently in Queensland. Jessie has also been named in the Australian Softball team which is a fantastic achievement.

Congratulations to Eloise S 8VNT on receiving an ‘A grade’ Honours for her recent Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) Grade 3 Alto Saxophone exam. Eloise can be proud of this fantastic achievement.

Well done to Aaron T 8LSI who received a B+ (High Credit) for his AMEB Grade 7 piano exam a couple of weeks ago. A great result.


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