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From the School Pastor

Gosden DaleLet’s be clear – I’m not a Richmond supporter. However, this football club has been very successful in recent times and, in reading more about them, I have discovered that they instigated a cultural change in their organisation that has been credited for much of their success. 

Their basic philosophy was to improve their connection with each other by encouraging individuals to share something from their lives that involved a hero, a highlight or a hardship. This simple activity of being honest, transparent and even vulnerable with each other allowed the group to connect in a deep and powerful way.

Our theme at school this term has followed the same idea, but with a particular focus on the Christian faith. There are many heroes, highlights and hardships within the biblical stories and many more from the last 2000 years of church history. There are also many incredible stories from our own community, where people have been encouraged in their faith by others, or challenged by some incredibly difficult circumstances, or greatly inspired by a life-changing experience.

While Richmond, and other organisations like them, have sought to strengthen the bonds within their community through the human spirit, our hope is to be strengthened by the work of the Holy Spirit, who has been working in the world since the dawn of time.

It has been encouraging to share some of these stories from our community and perhaps there are many more out there to be heard. If you know of someone who would be willing to share, or if you have your own hero, highlight, or hardship from the faith that would be an encouragement to others, it would be great to hear from you.

God bless.

Dale Gosden
School Pastor - Concordia Campus

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Reconciliation Week

In some Year 8 English classes (8LTHO, 8GGRA) on Reconciliation Day we began with an Acknowledgement of Country and talked about what the land of Concordia would have been like when the Kaurna people were in full possession of it, undisturbed. We thought it would be very beautiful and wondered if there would have been sacred sites here. This powerful thought gave us pause.

We then discussed what Reconciliation Week means by talking about Kevin Rudd’s ‘Sorry’ speech and searching for all the different meanings of the word ‘reconciliation’ we could find, recording our discussion as Venn Diagram hearts.

These classes are currently studying the novel ‘Don’t Call Me Ishmael’, by Michael Gerard Bauer, which deals with themes of bullying, belonging, and becoming reconciled to ourselves and others. We paused our novel study to view the recent film, ‘Storm Boy’ which explores similar themes.

The young Storm Boy grows up on the Coorong and forms a close relationship with an Aboriginal man, Fingerbone Bill, who imparts to him the depth of his relationship with the land and the pelicans. Storm Boy confronts a bully with a gun but loses his beloved pelican, Mr Percival. Late in life, he faces a decision to honour the Aboriginal connection with the land, or allow his successful pastoralist company to make a mining deal which would devastate the land and the Aboriginal owners. Meanwhile, he has a broken relationship with his father to resolve as he deals with his own regrets and helps his grand-daughter.

We explored themes of reconciliation with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters through the film’s metaphor of the pelicans and the quest for a bird sanctuary as symbolic of the need to honour Australia’s Indigenous peoples with respect, hope and material support to address inequity.

Louise Thomas
Year 8 Pastoral Leader

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Generating Some Vocal Jazz

Having recorded Concordia’s three Big Bands and two small Jazz Combos last week, this week we saw some vocalists head into the Media Centre Studio to work with one of Australia’s finest jazz pianists, Dave McEvoy. The girls pictured each sang a jazz favourite accompanied by Dave and filmed by some outstanding Year 12 Media students. The results of these sessions will be released over the coming weeks.

Our soloists were: 

  • Matilda (Year 8) singing “The Sunny Side of the Street”
  • Anna (Year 9) singing “Route 66”
  • Alex (Year 11) singing “Orange Coloured Sky”
  • Jemma (Year 8) singing “How High the Moon”

Mat Noble
Director of Music

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Year 7 Catapults

As part of their Science unit on Forces, exploring scientific design, on Tuesday 2 June the Year 7 cohort were tasked with the challenge of building the best catapult possible using only limited materials. Students were able to 'purchase' their materials such as paddle pop sticks, rubber bands and masking tape from the Year 7 teachers. To be determined the winner, the catapult had to be able to fire a table tennis ball the furthest at the lowest cost.

The winning group was Gemma and Paige (7RHOG) who managed to launch their catapult a distance of 496cm!

The students will now reflect on the challenges associated with building a catapult as they will be required to improve on their design to succeed in further challenges later on in the term.

David Lane
Mathematics and Science Teacher

  • Year 7 Catapult building 021
  • Year 7 Catapult building 051
  • Year 7 Catapult building 063
  • Year 7 Catapult building 081
  • Year 7 Catapult building 096
  • Year 7 Catapult building 105
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Walk My Way

After the cancellation of Australian Lutheran World Service's Walk My Way fundraising event in early May, the Year 5s and Year 11s partook in their own version of the event last Wednesday morning. Blessed with sunshine, we collectively walked over 450 kilometres around the school oval in recognition of refugees and how fortunate we are to live the lifestyle that we do.

Inspired by a young girl from Kakuma Refugee Camp, Harian, who, despite being deaf, is receiving an education from ALWS and doing beadwork to help support her family, we also ran stalls selling handmade beaded bracelets and printed bags during Wednesday lunchtime at Concordia Campus and Friday after school at St John's Campus. 

So far, over $3,340 has been raised through our event, which is enough to fund the education of 128 children in refugee camps for one year. We thank everyone for their support and generous donations, and in particular Frau Harris and Frau Graham for all the hard work they put into making this event a success. 

Emma 11JHAR, Eva 11SBUD, Shae 11JHAR and Asha 11RGOG

  • Walk our Way Fundraiser 144
  • Walk our Way Fundraiser 077
  • Walk our Way Fundraiser 108
  • Walk our Way Fundraiser 109
  • Walk our Way Fundraiser 172
  • Walk our Way Fundraiser 175
  • Walk our Way Fundraiser 219
  • Walk our Way Fundraiser 394
  • Walk our Way Fundraiser 395
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Sussudio Cover Reaches 100,000+ views

In 2018 the Hindley Street Country Club band performed two songs in the Concordia Media Studio, featuring Concordia singers and musicians and filmed by our Media students. The first tune they recorded, a cover of Phil Collins's "Sussudio" featuring our Director of Music Mr Mat Noble on lead vocals has recently surpassed 100,000 views on YouTube. A testament to the outstanding musicianship of all involved!

The HSCC perform "Sussudio", featuring Concordia musicians and singers

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Year 12 Legal Studies

The Year 12 Legal Studies class had the privilege of having the following members from the community come in to be interviewed in relation to the students' Inquiry Task.

Melissa Yule
Adelta Legal - Solicitor

Mark Minarelli
Fox Tucker Lawyers - Solicitor

Rick Sarre
Professor of Law - University of SA

Anna Lindsay
University of Adelaide - Law Student

Sarah Moulds
Senior Lecturer - University of SA

Tania Leiman
Professor of Law and Dean of Flinders University Law School

Sulette Lombard
Professor of Law - University of SA

Alex Ward
Civil Law Barrister - Edmund Barton Chambers

Geeta Sidhu
Normans Waterhouse Lawyers - Solicitor

To be able to have these people in one room at the one time was an exciting experience and I know the students gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge and insight from their expertise in being able to answer questions relating to the legal issues the students were investigating.

I wish to thank all the guest speakers this year and look forward to many more that will come into the Year 12 Legal Studies classes over the coming year. Legal Studies is a subject that Concordia students study with great interest and passion. It allows for honest discussion about contemporary legal issues that occur on a daily basis.

Rick Sommariva
Legal Studies Teacher

  • DSC 0004
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The Salvation Army's Red Shield Appeal

Concordia is very thankful for our continuing partnership with the Unley Salvos, spanning over 12 years. Generally, students are encouraged to sign-up to door-knock for the Red Shield Appeal - raising funds for vulnerable members of our community. While this isn’t possible in 2020, we are getting behind their online appeal this year.

It is always exciting to hear how Old Concordians and current Concordia students are serving with the Salvos in their own time, inspired by the Connected Unley program in Year 8 and Reno Elms's passion for the challenging social issues in our community.

If you’d like to donate, you can donate online here.

Jason Kupke
Student Welfare Worker

  • IMG 1122
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Important Dates for Year 11 Students

Please find below a list of important dates and reminders for Year 11 students in the coming weeks.

  • Thursday 18 - Tuesday 23 June | Year 11 Exams | Download the Exam Timetable
  • Thursday 18 - Wednesday 24 June | IBDP Core Week
  • Wednesday 24 June | This is a pupil free day for students who completed Research Project in Semester 1. IBDP students are to attend all day. SACE students enrolled in Semester 2 Research Project have a free morning ahead of compulsory Research Project workshops which will run from 1.40-3.00pm.
  • Thursday 25 June | First Aid Training at school for SACE and IBDP students who have registered to attend. | Meet in the Atrium at 8.20am for an 8.30am start, wearing PE uniform.
  • Friday 26 June (last day of Term 2) | SACE exam return. All Year 7 to 12 students (including Year 11 SACE and IBDP students) dismissed at the early finish time of 1pm.
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